These 20 loving comments to leave on your partner's Instagram are amazing ways to express your feeli...
Show Your SO The Love On IG With These 20 Comment Ideas

You don’t need a three-page love letter to prove you care.

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There are a lot of different levels to Instagram official, from featuring each other on your IG Stories to your first feed post (not to mention, everything in between). But the next step of taking your relationship online usually happens in the comments section. Still, figuring out what type of comments to leave on your partner’s Instagram can be tricky.

You have to have that balance between showing off your relationship (at least a little bit) and keeping things ~chill~. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re trying too hard. (IMO, there’s nothing worse than second-guessing a comment and then deleting it.) Unfortunately, on the ‘gram, that can happen. And if you’re in the early stages of a relationship, feeling completely confident in whatever you comment can sometimes feel like a tall order. In the real world, you’re able to adjust your tone and gauge their reaction, but that’s not the case over IG. Your words are right there in black and white.

So to take some of the stress out of the comments section (cause really, you have more important things to worry about), here are 20 loving comments to leave on your partner’s Instagram without any regrets or cringing, guaranteed.

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The infinity emoji is making a comeback thanks to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s comments sections. So if you want your love to have the same vibe as theirs (who wouldn’t?), this simple emoji comment is a great choice.

“The best day.”

This is the perfect comment to leave if the post is of you two together — or even if you took the solo pic of them. It’s sweet and sentimental, but doesn’t get too deep.

“That smile... Wow.”

Complimenting someone’s smile is pretty much guaranteed to make them smile some more.

“You’re my favorite.”

A simple comment like this is the perfect way to show some love to your SO on the gram and make them feel appreciated — all without going into fully-fledged romantic poetry. Simplicity is the name of the game.

“Hot 🔥.”
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Straightforward and effective, flirtatious and fun, this comment is the perfect vibe for an IG comment section.

“BRB, setting this as my phone background.”

Nothing says cuffing season like having a photo of your partner set as your phone background.

“How are you real?”

If your relationship feels like a dream come true, this comment is a great option to let everyone know your love is out of this world.

“Always and forever.”

Let’s be real: This is not the most original Instagram comment, and One Tree Hill fans know that Nathan and Haley coined the phrase. But when your partner posts a picture of the two of you, this is a sweet way to show them you see a future together.

“You are my happy place.”

What’s better than feeling truly at home with someone? Literally nothing.

“I’m so lucky 🍀.”
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This is a great comment to leave on any solo pics or selfies. It implies the obvious (that they look ~good~), but also brings it back to your relationship, and how grateful you feel to have them in your life.

“Love this. Love you.”

This is an easy go-to for whenever your partner posts. It’s simple but sweet. And even though you’re literally telling them you love them, it’s not too deep for Instagram.

“It should be against the rules to look this good.”

When your partner looks amazing, you should let them know. Period.

“My favorite picture of you.”

OK, so this is a comment you’ll have to use sparingly, but if your partner posts a really incredible pic, you should let them know. Plus, if they post another perfect photo in a month or so, you can always comment, “My new favorite picture of you.” Easy.

“My best friend.”

FYI: Telling your partner that they are your best friend is not friend-zoning. It’s actually a sign of a really healthy, close bond.

“I’m officially star-struck 🤩.”
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Do you ever look at your partner (or their Instagram) and realize how incredible they are? Let them know with this sweet comment.

“Did I just put this on my Insta Story? Yep.”

Is there anything better than when your partner wants to show you off? I don't think so. Show your SO some love by adding their post to your story.

“Come over.”

Take the flirty vibes up a notch with this bold comment.

“This is distracting.”

Keep the flirtatious vibes going and let your partner know that their post made an impact on your day. Whether it distracted you from work, school, or something else, it’s always sweet to hear that your SO can’t get you off their mind.

“The best person I know.”

If you want to get slightly more sentimental on IG, this comment is a good option.

“This made me smile.”
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If their post made your day a little brighter, make sure to tell them so in the comments. No matter what stage your relationship is in, it’s always good to know that you’re making someone smile.

Always remember that what happens offline is way more important than what happens online. So stressing about which IG comment to leave probably isn’t the best use of your time. To save yourself from unnecessary worry, just pick a few from this list that you feel comfortable posting, and then let that stress go.

Keep in mind that Instagram comments are really just a reflection of your relationship to that person. So if everything else is on track, one comment will not make or break it. Instead, see the comments as a fun way to express your love. The more serious stuff can (and should) happen IRL — and without any emojis.

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