We All Want Someone Who Loves Us For Who We Really Are On The Inside

by Alexa Mellardo

Dear J.J.,

The Fox Sports article featuring you is on point.

You spoke your mind, and your words were inspirational to anyone looking for that special person.

The process can be a difficult one for everyone. Famous or not, we all have the same dream of finding a partner with similar goals, ambitions and beliefs.

Most people hope to be attracted to someone inside and out -- a partner who will feed their body, mind and soul.

On the one hand, you probably have a ton of women lining up at every sideline across the country. This is (almost) every guy’s dream.

But there’s always the other hand, which says the women lining up might not be the right ones for you. Finding the good ones can be harder than finding the missing buttons to a jacket.

J.J. Watt writes,

You don't know who wants you for you, who wants you for the money, who wants you for the fame. You have no idea. And how would you know? There's no way. So that's why you try and rely on family and friends. And then you talk about celebrities with other celebrities . . . someone who's in a similar situation, so you know that they already have money and fame.

“Does this person want me for me?”

Your concerns are valid and not very different from an average person’s experience. Obviously, most people don’t have as many choices as you to sort through; however, we all endure similar feelings and fears when it comes to trusting someone.

Opening up your heart always presents a risk, but without risk you’re never going to achieve greatness.

You have to follow your heart, but listen carefully to your mind and instinct at all times.

If a girl seems like a gold-digger to you, she’s probably a gold-digger. Whenever you have that little voice inside telling you something is not right, it’s not right.

You’re already ahead of the game because it takes a real down-to-earth kind of guy to admit the difficulty of finding a genuine and trustworthy woman.

Now I'm not saying she's a gold-digger...

There are all sorts of "players on the field." You are right to proceed with caution.

The NY Post interviewed someone who claims that rich guys are attractive to her because paying bills is never a problem. "I just find it attractive - some people like dark hair, some like blue eyes, I just like a giant wallet," she said.

Although she has dated average guys to switch up the scene a bit, she continuously prefers wealthy guys. “There is always a sort of persona that I like in rich men – the confidence of being able to look after you. There is that 1950s housewife thing, I feel confident being that person, I don’t have to worry about paying the bills.”

The world isn’t full of gold-diggers and fame-seekers, though.

In fact, many non-celebs would be shy about dating someone like you.

Without celeb status or wealth in a monetary sense, many ladies would be quite timid to get involved with someone “rich and famous.” Entering the fame circle and all of the publicity that ensues has its benefits, but at the same time is extremely life-changing.

Fame is fast-paced and comes with a high price-tag.

Know what you really want and go after it

According to Business Insider, if you want to expand your wealth, it makes sense to surround yourself with wealthy people. If you want success, your circle should include intellectual people who will challenge your thinking.

According to me, if you want to be with someone whom you respect, trust, admire and just really have fun with, you need to attract those traits, regardless of how big her bank account, fame or status is.

Love will happen when you least expect it.