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'Love Is Blind’s Deepti’s family defended her and slammed Shake on Instagram.

Deepti’s Family Defended Her And Called Shake A Clown On IG

And she seemed to agree.


For Deepti Vempati and Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee, love wasn’t blind after all. And now that the Love Is Blind Season 2 finale has aired and everyone saw exactly how their love story (or lack thereof) played out, there’s no unseeing the way Shake mistreated Deepti. On Feb. 27, Deepti’s family defended her and slammed Shake on Instagram. Taking to the platform, Deepti’s brother Sunny Vempati and his partner Hina Merchant Vempati posted a joint statement about the situation, and they did not hold back.

The couple started off by praising Deepti. “Deepu, we are SO incredibly proud of you!!! We witnessed you grow into such an incredible and beautiful woman; you’ve inspired so many people to realize their self worth and demand what they deserve and settle for nothing less,” they wrote. But they quickly changed their tune when it came time to discuss Shake.

“We wish you didn’t pick that 🤡 but despite his childishness, you carried yourself with grace and continued to see the good in people,” their statement continued. “We’re so damn proud to call you our baby sister, and know we’re there for you always.”

Then, the couple really honed in on exactly what Shake did wrong. (ICYMI, throughout the season, he made several comments about not being sexually attracted to Deepti to pretty much everyone except Deepti herself.) Understandably, that did not sit well with Deepti’s family.

Sunny and Hina continued, “Now normally I don't get involved in drama but I'mma defend my sister here: ‘Shake’, bruh, you're a loser. You minimized my sister's life by making some awful and cringeworthy comments about her.”

The couple also referenced how Shake knew these moments were being filmed and would eventually be played back for everyone to see. “You made these statements knowing your own mom would one day watch it; my parents and my entire family had to sit through you talking behind my sister's back about insecurities she fought her entire life,” the couple continued. “Despite your comments on and off camera about her body, she continued to only ever be supportive of you, despite our best efforts to convince her to see through your BS. THATS [sic] the person she is."

As for Shake’s flimsy defense, which blamed the show’s editing team, the couple is not buying it. “In spite of your best efforts to pretend this was all fictional and it was because of the ‘edit', no one forced you to say those words,” they added. “We welcomed you into our home, and you saw it as an opportunity for clout; so forgive me if I'm not sympathetic towards you and the hate you're receiving.”

Deepti shared the post on her IG story. Although she didn’t add to the Shake callout, she didn’t defend him either. “The love and support from my family is unmatched,” she wrote along her family’s post.

One hour after the post went up, Shake seemed to respond to it with his own IG. “I’m not perfect but I’m real,” he wrote.

It seems like the once-couple is reserving the rest of their confrontation for the reunion episode, which will drop on Netflix on Friday, March 4. (On Feb. 27, Shake posted on his story, “Something I gotta get off my chest... but I gotta wait til after the reunion ep drops on Friday.”) In the meantime, I’ll be checking everyone’s Instagrams for updates.