Have We Met Before?: What It's Like To Experience Love Déjà Vu

by Jessica Wendroff

In French, the words "déjà vu" translate to "already seen." I've always known déjà vu can happen in dreams. But I never dreamed that it could happen when you meet someone in real life.

Everyone has heard of love at first sight. Research even supports it. But being in love "at first sight" is about more than eyesight. Your entire soul is drawn to someone else's. And instead of feeling like you've just met for the first time, you feel reunited. Perhaps this feeling exists because you've known this person in another lifetime.

There are many Hindu myths that reinforce the notion of reincarnation and immortal love. These myths tell the tales of people who fall in love with the same soul over and over again in different lifetimes. Because in spite of their new names and bodies, these people are continuously destined to be together.

But once you find your person, you know. Instantly.

Here's what it's like to have déjà vu in love.

You have a moment when you realize this person is the one.

Maybe it's the first time you see this person's picture or face. Maybe it's the first time you kiss. Either way, you feel certain in your mind and soul that this person is it.

Everything about this person, inside and out, seems familiar. It's as though you've somehow seen this face thousands of times before. Suddenly, you identify with this quote from author Kiersten White: "And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you, and I’d choose you."

If you can do that, you've finally struck romantic gold.

You inherently trust this person.

It takes you a great deal of time to build up trust with anyone else. But with this person, it happens right away. You automatically feel safe and don't have any reason to worry.

Unlike your past relationships, in which you might have experienced jealousy and constant suspicion, you feel oddly calm and relaxed now. When this person tells you he or she is going to X, or seeing Y, you don't have any doubts about his or her true intentions. You don't know why; you just don't.

You feel like you've known this person for years even though it's only been days.

Usually, it takes you a lot of time to warm up to someone. But when you're around this person you light up like the Fourth Of July. You're like Sleeping Beauty in that song "Once Upon a Dream," in which she talks about Aurora's instant connection to her prince. Aurora feels they've met before, just in another lifetime.

When you meet your person, you feel the same connection Aurora did with her prince. And when you're with this person, you're actually yourself. You're unafraid to expose all your silly quirks, like your awful singing voice.

In the same way, you're comfortable telling this person the most private, intimate details about your past, because for some strange reason, you just know he or she will be accepting of all of it.

You feel things you've never felt before.

You don't just feel butterflies. This person helps you see colors the human eye can't even detect.

The way this person makes you feel is indescribable. No words can characterize it. Perhaps the only words that come close to describing the emotion is that you feel touched by something otherworldy. Not like a ghost though, but more like an angel.

Everything feels natural and nothing feels forced.

The way you talk to and address each other feels like you've been talking your entire life. And it feels like both of your lips have magnets in them. When you kiss, they fit together perfectly, as if they were made for one another.

When you're with this person, you feel more like you're picking up from where you started instead of starting over with someone new.

You realize you have something special and do everything in your power to make this last.

Even though you have fallen head over heels for this person, you make sure to hit the brakes in order to avoid a collision.

You take your time to craft sweet nothings and perfect the way you phrase texts and love notes. You never want to accidentally hurt this person because you want to be together forever.

You can already see a future with your significant other, so you work hard at protecting that vision every day. To do so, you shower your soulmate with compliments and reminders of how much you care. You remember that even though this love was born suddenly, it will take much time and effort to keep alive.