This Little Girl Hugging Her "Boyfriend" Goodbye Will Make You Cry A River Of Tears

by Candice Jalili

Have you ever experienced real, true, gut-wrenching heartbreak?

I thought I understood heartbreak for the first time in 2007, when my girl Leona Lewis first released her song "Bleeding Love."

For those of you who somehow missed this heartwrenching hit single, here's a little refresher:

Really punches ya right in the gut, doesn't it?

Well, recently, one girl posted a tweet showing her little sister saying goodbye to her boyfriend, and let me tell you: This is giving Leona a run for her money.

The little boy's dad tweeted that the two are 9 years old, and they've grown up together throughout their childhoods.

According to him, "they go waaaaaay back."

The two have been ~official~ forever, always calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, which is more than most millennials can say.

And if you didn't think things could get any cuter, get this: They're both dancers.

So they've obviously done a duet together in the past.

They're even wear matching shirts! Are you crying yet?

But now, they have to move away from each other, and obviously, the internet is devastated about it.

People are really hoping for a reunion between the two love birds.

They're even trying to get Ellen DeGeneres involved to reunite them.

Also, can we take a second to appreciate his fly SHOES?

Now, we have to go on living in a world where we know these two extremely well-dressed and good-looking young dancers had to be torn away from a love they've had for almost their ENTIRE nine years of existence.

Personally, I'm hoping for a reunion that's aired on live TV. PLZ AND THANK YOU.

Maybe one day, they'll keep going with their lives totally separately. But then, one day years from now, they'll both end up as background dancers on tour with Madonna (because obvi she'll still be touring then).

They won't really be able to remember who the other person is, but they can't fight this natural attraction they have toward each other. Then, boom, it's the holiday season, and he finally invites her to spend Thanksgiving at his family's place, and... OMG, she remembers! It's him! It's always been him.

OK, so maybe I got a little ahead of myself there, but, like, tell me that wouldn't be a great movie.