This Little Girl And Her “Boyfriend” Taking Pics At Their Graduation Will Make Your Heart Swell

by Candice Jalili
Twitter @oneliddoflacka

In a world where everything seems to feel doomed, terrible and depressing, I come to you bearing a happy, heart-warming, and innocent story about young love.

Well, maybe "love" is a little bit of a strong word here. But let me tell you a story that will remind you of your own first kindergarten crush.

Just last week, a little girl named Georiah was graduating from kindergarten, when her older sister posted this adorable tweet featuring Georiah with her "boyfriend" Nick.

The tweet has since gone viral, and yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Georiah's mom, Angela, about the two little love birds.

The day before graduation, Angela was driving Georiah home from school, when Georiah suddenly needed to grab a piece of paper from her book bag that she'd already placed in the trunk.

"For what?" Angela asked.

"I got a number on this piece of paper," Georiah responded. Still confused, Angela asked, "From who?"

Finally, Georiah enthusiastically responded, "Nick! It's Nick's number!"

Angela Jackson

I mean, have you ever seen anything more adorable than this paper? The word "love" is written down twice!

"The kicker is that it was his dad's correct number," Angela tells Elite Daily. "That, and the seven on it is backwards."

When graduation rolled around, Georiah walked in line right behind Nick. As if it couldn't get any cuter, the two even stood side-by-side while they received their diplomas.

Angela Jackson

After the graduation, the children and their families headed down to a graduation party in the classroom. At this party, Angela says, "The teacher lays down her phone, and the two start taking each other's pictures."

This is the point where her older daughter snapped the pictures that have since gone viral on Twitter: "My daughter put it on Twitter, and it just blew up from there."

Georiah's fondness for Nick started way before graduation.

"She talks about him at home," Angela explains. "Anything that's hilarious about Nick to her she's always voicing about it, from what they did in class to his shoes."

Angela Jackson

This story is a beautiful one because it's so pure. As Angela puts it, "The two are just very fond of each other. They want to be around each other."

Now, don't you wish you could go back to kindergarten, when everything — even "crushes" — were simple, exciting, and uncomplicated like that?