This Girl Got The Best Revenge On A Guy Who Booked 5 Dates With 5 Girls Back To Back

by Candice Jalili
Kayla Snell/Stocksy

Remember that movie John Tucker Must Die? Well, if you don't, do yourself a favor and watch it ASAP. OK, now that that's out of the way, I've got some great news. That awesome storyline just took place IRL. But TBH, it was even better.

One woman named Lisette Pylant got revenge on a guy who QUINTUPLE booked her date. For those of you who never watched the Disney Channel original movie Quints, and thus have no idea what "quintuple" means, it means five. THIS GUY BOOKED FIVE DATES WITH FIVE GIRLS. BACK TO BACK. ON THE SAME NIGHT. AT THE SAME BAR.

Once Lisette caught on to what was happening, she obviously banded all the girls together against this guy and live-tweeted the whole thing. Brace yourself for this epic ride.

It all started when Lisette got set up on a date with a guy she met on her birthday.

Before she arrived, her friend, who worked at the bar, texted her a warning that this guy was the actual worst.

Lisette finally showed up, and it was confirmed: He sucks.

Not even an hour into their date, and Lisette already learns the guy double booked himself.

She goes along with his little game until he leaves for a second...

Lisette then intercepts Date #2, warns her, and gets her on her team.

THEN, Date #3 shows up, and they all decide to go full-on John Tucker Must Die.

Lisette even got the staff at the bar in on the plan to ruin this guy.

Date #3 called him out hard when he tried to bring up his ex.

And obviously, Bachelor jokes were made.

The three girls eventually became BFFs and ditched the dude entirely.

This dude literally tried to get Lisette to come back via text.

But then, of course, he had another date... who she obviously stole again.

Literally all of this guy's potential girlfriends ended up at a bar together.

Date #5 actually came to their girl-power hang before even bothering to go to her actual date.

Date #4, on the other hand, had some reservations about leaving.

Look at all these ladies hanging out in solidarity. IT MELTS MY HEART.

As expected, they intercepted yet another potential date.

Date #4 finally turned her back on this jerk and joined forces with the ladies.

Date #5 finally made her way over, too...

...only to be immediately cut by this guy.

Lisette then went outside to make a call and actually ran into him IRL, where he legit tried to tell her he wanted her.

Don't worry, though. Lisette schooled him with an eloquent burn.

He said he just acts like a douche because he's efficient, duh! But Lisette clapped back at that, too.

He didn't love her response.

Her friends were amped about her newfound Twitter fame.


His excuse? Apparently, he didn't consider them actual "dates."

When in doubt, screw the jerks out there and SQUAD UP.

And if you thought this guy couldn't get any worse, here are a few ~little known details~ that didn't make the cut.

Props to Lisette for banding together this incredible group of ladies, and ditching that awful guy. Am I the only one who, like, really wishes she was part of their girl gang?

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