9 Lazy Couples Halloween Costumes For The Couple Who DGAF

by Annie Foskett

It's Halloween night, and you have a last-minute invite to a costume party. (Or, maybe you've had the invite for weeks, but never quite got around to Googling "halloween costume ideas.") The term "costume party" might trigger an immediate eye roll for you, but you don't really want to be that person in normal clothes either. Is bae going to the party, too? Perfect, because lazy couples Halloween costumes are way easier to pull off than lazy solo costumes. (Yes, just another benefit you happily-in-love humans get.)

When it comes to last minute costumes, simplicity is key. Think about what you have on hand (because no one wants to wait in line at a Halloween store, unless they're serving snacks) and work with that. The internet is a great place to start (shout out to this article), but don't get caught up in an epic, last minute idea for a Marie Antoinette-and-her-cake couples costume that would take no less than three Amazon orders to make a reality.

Remember, you and your boo DGAF. Keep it simple. Topical personalities and characters are always fun; memes can be costumes, too, because it's 2017 and everyone is an internet monster. So raid your closets, think about what you could borrow on a whim, and choose one of these nine lazy couples costumes:

1. Each Other

If you and your partner are headed to a party where everyone knows both of you pretty well, simply switch outfits. Make sure to maximize the swap, though. So if you wear a lot of Lululemon, put your partner in those Spandex pronto. Is your SO more of a hipster than you are? Wearing their most hipster garb.

2. Hunter And Deer

It's basic, and very easy to make happen if one of you has camouflage clothing or if you have a Walmart nearby. Your deer just needs a quick deer makeup tutorial and some brown clothes. You can grab some sticks for antlers, too. If you're a hetero couple: Make the hunter female and the deer male. Again, it's 2017.

3. Anna Faris And Chris Pratt

America's sweethearts no-more are topical and easy to dress up as, especially if you have a blonde wig lying around. "Anna" can wear big headphones to suggest her podcast, and “Chris” can carry his walk-of-fame star around. Or pick your favorite character that each of them has played in a movie and head out together. It's a little sad, but you can be emo in the pictures you take together.

4. Burt Macklin And Janet Snakehole From Parks And Recreation

This is a less controversial way to involve Chris Pratt in your costume. If bae has a navy jacket or sweatshirt lying around, print an "FBI" logo, tape it on there, add some sunglasses and voila, Burt Macklin, the only man for the job.

Aubrey Plaza's Janet Snakehole is even easier: Just wear a black dress, some pearls, and a little black hat of some sort. Carry a faux-cigarette holder — roll up a piece of printer paper, whatever — and there you have it.

5. You Vs. The Guy She Told You Not To Worry About Meme

This works particularly well if you and bae can dress up as Tiger Woods circa 1997 Masters, and Tiger circa his recent mugshot. No matter what dude you choose, one of you should dress up as a haggard, rougher version of the other, and you'll have the most viral costume at the party.

6. Salt Bae And His Piece of Meat

Here's how this works: One of you dresses up as Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe from the viral meme, and the other dresses up as a cut of meat. You can be Gökçe in a white tee and round glasses; give yourself a mustache and a low ponytail if possible, and your SO can literally print out a picture of a piece of meat and wear it on the front of their clothes.

Bonus points: Throw actual salt at your meat all night.

7. Pigs In A Blanket

This is perfect if you have a couple of pig noses lying around. Stick those on and wrap a blanket around you and your partner and suddenly, you have a costume. Bring actual pigs in a blanket to the party as a finishing touch.

8. Green And Purple Grapes

All you need for this costume are green balloons for your partner, and purple balloons for you. Blow them up, stick them all over your body with some tape, and you are a bunch of grapes. Just make sure the party is walking distance — taking a cab with balloons under your bum feels hard.

9. Princess Charlotte And Prince George

All this takes is dressing up as fancy little children. Cardigans and suspenders are key. This is so much less basic than dressing up as Will and Kate.

It's not that hard to get a costume together last minute so that you and bae actually seem like fun people at the party you are going to. I think if you keep things clever and topical, you have a lot of wiggle room in terms of actual accuracy. If none of these are for you, you can always just cut holes in white sheets and put them over your head, but I think you can both do better than that.