This Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Halloween couples costume is one way to guarantee an amazing Oct....

This Kylie And Travis Costume Idea Will Make People Say, "Oh, Baby"

Bonus points if you can recruit someone to be Stormi.

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If you’re still searching for the perfect Halloween costume, look no further. A Kyle Jenner and Travis Scott couples costume is the perfect way to make a statement this spooky season. Not only is this couple seriously stylish (so buying this costume will actually be a positive for your closet, too), but they’re also just a super cute duo to emulate. I mean, remember when Scott called Jenner “wifey” in his speech at the Parsons Benefit in June 2021? I’ll never get over it.

Whether you and your SO are expecting or not, dressing as Jenner and Scott for Halloween is a fun way to play mom and dad for a night. Ever since Stormi was born on Feb. 1 2018, these two have been the ultimate co-parents, and, now that they’re having their second child together, that’s even more obvious. That said, this Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott couples costume def deserves your attention.

No matter what your Halloween plans look like this year — whether you’re planning on staying in, heading out, or doing some combination of the two — dressing up with your person will get your holiday off to the right foot. And, if you want to embrace your glam side, there’s literally no better couple costume than Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner Costume

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To perfect Jenner’s look, the first thing you need to find is a faux baby bump. (I mean... right?) If you’re planning on wearing a skintight dress, a pillow will do just fine. But if you really want to ace your Kylie Jenner look, spending a little money (as in, less than $10) on the bump is only right. Plus, that means more options for costumes — like a sheer lace bodysuit, perhaps?

Add some black spandex and matte lipstick, and you’ve got your Kylie costume covered.

Travis Scott Costume

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Dressing like Travis Scott is all about finding simple, stylish pieces (the more monotone, the better). Make sure to accessorize this costume with some fancy jewelry; Scott loves diamond earrings, but you can make do crystal stick-ons instead. They’re cheaper, and you won’t have to stress about losing them all night.

TL;DR: The perfect couples costume does exist, and I think it’s this take on Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s romance. Not to mention, if you have any third-wheeling friends, there’s no shortage of Kardashian-Jenner fam members to choose from.