After their reported courthouse wedding, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker joined Alabama's TikT...

Dare You Not To Cry At This Video Of Kourtney And Travis Post-Wedding

They were all over each other (duh).

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If the “Just Married” sign is to be believed, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got hitched! (And it’s reportedly legal this time.) On May 15, the duo reportedly said “I do” on the courthouse steps in Santa Barbara, California. Post-ceremony, they were photographed driving away in a black lowrider convertible, adorned with a “Just Married” sign and a trail of metal cans. And it looks like they went straight back to Travis’ home. Post-wedding, Kourtney and Travis joined Alabama Barker’s TikTok Live, and their newlywed bliss was impossible to ignore.

When Kravis crashed the video, Alabama was already halfway through her makeup routine. “Wow, you guys are really dressed up,” she said to the couple (who was holding hands, obviously). “We’re sparkly,” Kourtney responded. Though Alabama seemed to be eager to get back to her GRWM video, Kravis didn’t exactly get the memo.

“Oh, they’re still in here... Oh, OK,” Alabama said, pivoting the camera to show Kravis (this time, they were pressed up against each other, hugging.) “We want to watch you do your makeup,” Kourtney told her. “I literally couldn’t find makeup today, and I was almost like, ‘Should Alabama do my makeup?’” Proof that step-moms can be nice.

The whole video was super casual and sweet — plus, it was a really nice peek into what Kravis’ family life looks like. But it’s not exactly the honeymoon you’d expect from Hollywood’s steamiest couple. OK, so they were touching the entire time, but no Frenching. TBH, the overall vibe of the clip fits that of a courthouse wedding.

The reported ceremony was pretty low-key — Kourtney’s grandmother, MJ Campbell, and Travis’ father, Randy Barker, were the only two family members in attendance. But that doesn’t mean the rest of their crew was excluded. When Kourtney and Travis joined Alabama’s TikTok Live after the wedding, it was clear there were no hard feelings. (Maybe because the duo reportedly already has another celebration planned in Italy?)

Until Kravis’ next wedding, I’ll be rewatching this sweet video.