How To Determine If You're With Your Partner Out Of Sheer Convenience

by Shannon Ashley Hedin
Matt and Tish

Most of us have somehow turned our new relationships into serious commitments, and we hope to God the other people don't break our hearts.

It isn't always fair, but after being in failed relationships, we start to question if they were made of love or if they were just convenient at the time.

First thing's first: Know your worth. Know the difference between the benefit of being with someone rather than detriment. When you are given an inch, do not take a mile.

Just because someone pays for your $3 bagel for breakfast does not mean he's relationship — or even marriage — material.

Secondly, do not ever settle. You might catch yourself thinking, "Well, he treats me well enough;" "He was amazing for a little while, and he's just stressed out,” etc.

You might even find yourself saying, "I think things will get better." But deep down, you're too scared to let him go, even when you probably should.

If a man treats you poorly for a period of time, and it's still early on in the relationship, I have one word to say to you: run.

Run as fast as you can. Get your keys, your toothbrush, clothes, makeup and whatever else is at his place and leave him as quickly as you can.

The faster you make the decision to leave and stick with it, the better it will be for you. Otherwise, you'll be going in circles without knowing if you should stay with him or not.

No matter what, walking on egg shells in your relationship is never okay, and a man should never put you in that position.

Thirdly, if you're stressed out, that's what men (and women) are here for!

They're there to make you feel better about yourself, to lift you up and make you smile or giggle, even when tears are streaming down your face.

Let's say you are in a bad mood but bae doesn't seem to care one bit, and he wants you to keep it to yourself.

Go ahead and keep it to yourself because if you stay with that person, you will always be keeping it to yourself.

Do really want to be with someone you can't share things with? Nope.

If a number of these things are happening in your relationship, you need to realize he's just not that into you, and it's only convenient for him.

He gets you when he wants you to be there for him emotionally and physically, but he doesn't want to return the favor.

Things you should be taking as a good sign of being in a strong and lasting relationship are simple: It should just be easy; you shouldn't have to check his phone or ask him specifics about where he has been all day; you shouldn't be frustrated by everything he does wrong.

When you love and care about someone deeply, and you're in a trusting relationship, it is mostly easy.

Don't get me wrong; relationships require hard work, but you shouldn't have to force it.

Lastly, when you know, you know. You don't worry. You just feel the love, and you know it won't go away.

You rest at night easily when you feel the love throughout your veins. When things suck, he makes them suck less.

Even when he's half asleep, he still cares and wants to hear about whatever you're frustrated or sad about.

He wants you happy, and he would do just about anything to keep you for himself.

You make each other's days brighter, and it's destiny.