What Kind Of Boyfriend He'll Be, As Told By His Zodiac Sign

by Samantha Short
Nemanja Glumac

Wouldn't you like to know if you're wasting your time with a guy before you've already invested too much time in him?

And that's what zodiac signs are for, right?

OK, maybe not, but I mean, it really doesn't hurt to involve his astrological sign in the equation.

Here's how to tell what kind of boyfriend he'll be, based on his zodiac sign:


Aries believe that because they are the first zodiac sign, that automatically makes them the best.

Take that as you will, but at least keep it in mind when meeting a new potential boyfriend under the Aries sign.

Don't expect for him to be bowing down at the sight of you. He knows his worth, too.

As a ram, he's going to be strong, independent and masculine. Hard to find anything wrong with those qualities, right?

But with the good comes the... not so good. The Aries boyfriend is likely to be overprotective, easily bored and impatient.

Everyone has some flaws, though. Be ready to keep the relationship more exciting than constant Netflix and chill sessions, and remember that he doesn't want to wait around forever.

If you know that, you should be just fine.


Right from the start, a Taurus boyfriend is dependable, romantic, loyal and patient.

Along with those qualities that clearly make him boyfriend material, Taurus also are an earth sign, which means they're down to earth and strongly rooted.

Be prepared for your Taurus boyfriend to be a little on the stubborn side of things. They tend to be stuck in their ways and happy about it.

So if you're used to getting your way, this could cause some arguments.


I feel like I'm a little biased with this one because my boyfriend happens to fall under this sign.

But that means I can definitely attest to the positives the Capricorn male brings to the table.

Capricorns are known for being picky when it comes to women, and that isn't a bad thing! If you manage to catch the eye of one, congrats because you're not bound to find out he's been with multiple girls you know.

Who doesn't appreciate that?

These guys are also very stable, ambitious and extremely patient partners. Nobody wants their boyfriend to be an emotional roller coaster all the time, and Capricorn boyfriends do a good job of having a constant positive attitude.

Aside from sitting in traffic, I'd say my boyfriend is just about the most patient man on this planet, and I'll always attest that's true to his zodiac sign.

Nobody is always perfect, though, and Capricorns are no different.

Expect for your boyfriend to be a tad on the stubborn side of things, even if it's just little things like when the dishes should be done. They tend to be set in their ways, but that's OK.

Who doesn't like a little challenge?


The most well-known thing about a Libra is the balance and even-tempered nature about them.

If you are looking for a boyfriend who will give as much as they take and rarely start an argument with you, this might be the sing for you.

Your Libra boyfriend will also be fairly romantic, which, I mean, why wouldn't you want that?

If you tend to get into a routine of having dinner, watching a movie and falling asleep every night, a Libra boyfriend might be just right to spice up the romantic side of your relationship.

Libras are also the life of the party, sociable and a whole lot of fun.

On the surface, this may seem like a great thing, but that also brings along a flirtatious trait in him.

If you tend to get jealous of your boyfriend having an extra friendly manner around other women, this might not be the best sign for your partner.


I believe a Scorpio is hands down the most intense zodiac sign there is, and this totally has nothing to do with the fact I was born under the sign.

But fair warning: You might want to fully understand what you're getting yourself into before signing up for a Scorpio boyfriend.

They dig deeper, so be ready to let them in. There is literally nothing about you a Scorpio isn't going to want to know.

We want to know exactly who you are, why you're the way you are and where you want to be.

And the only way for us to know all this is by asking you a million questions. Scorpio's intuition is spot-on, so don't think you can get away by lying about it, either.

If you can't handle having to tell your boyfriend everything about yourself, this probably isn't the guy for you.

Scorpios are also fearless, passionate and wild.

Personally, I don't know how this could be a bad thing. But if you know you're more reserved and nervous, especially when it comes to intimacy, this boyfriend might be too much for you.

Unfortunately, this sign is also know for being resentful.

If you screw over your scorpio boyfriend, don't be surprised if he ends up looking for a way to get even with you.

Revenge isn't ever the answer, but chances are, the Scorpio boyfriend doesn't really care.


People under the Gemini zodiac sign have been known to be the most interesting people to date, and there's a reason for that.

They constantly seek adventure and look to surprise you whenever they get the chance.

Looking for a boyfriend who comes up with spontaneous dates? A Gemini might just be your guy.

Constant change is a huge must in a Gemini's life, so be ready to mix things up a bit.

On the plus side of this, they look at change with optimism, so you don't have to worry about them missing their ex-girlfriend. They have already moved forward, and there is no looking back now.

Geminis are knowing for having two very distinct personalities, so you can't love only one side of it and expect it to work out.

Make sure you like both sides of who they are, or this is just a disaster waiting to happen.


A boyfriend from the Cancer sign is bound to change up what you are used to getting in the relationship.

If you're looking for a love that is deeper than you probably expected and loyalty that you never have to question, find yourself a Cancer man ASAP.

This won't be the boyfriend who will leave you at home when you're upset to go out to the bar with his boys.

Saturdays are for the girlfriend as far as Cancers are concerned. They are family-orientated and reliable men, so if you're looking to find husband material, this is the man for you.

It might come to a shock that your boyfriend might be more emotional than you, but that's totally possible with a Cancer.

They wear their emotions on their sleeves, so be careful.

If you can't handle a little emotion from your partner, good or bad, this will probably be too much for you.


If you want a no-bullshit boyfriend, Virgo is the match for you. They say what the mean and mean what they say.

Forget about the mind games, being ghosted or any other dating trend men are using nowadays.

A Virgo will be straight-forward with how they feel about you and what they want. This can be more than refreshing.

Virgos work hard, and they need your support. If you can't appreciate your boyfriend's drive and accomplishments on a regular basis, you might not be enough for a boyfriend of this sign.

But if you can be his personal cheerleader and encourage his handwork, he will more than appreciate you.

Perfection, perfection, perfection is a must with a Virgo. They are perfectionists, and not with just how they view themselves, but also their partners.

Be ready to hold yourself to a high standard and even keep your bedroom and kitchen clean. If you tend to be a messy person, you might just drive each other crazy.


If you start dating a Sagittarius, it definitely wont be like any other relationship you've had before.

He will be more mature and looking at your relationship as a "big picture" sort of thing. They don't waste their time if they can't see the relationship working out in the future, and they will be straight-forward and honest with you about that.

If positivity and optimism is something you feel like you really need from your boyfriend, a Sagittarius is right there for you.

They see the glass half-full, and this attitude usually brings great things their way. A Sagittarius boyfriend can definitely turn a bad day into something positive.

Since they are always looking at life in the grand scheme of things, sometimes they struggle with being patient.

You might have to remind your Sagittarius boyfriend that your relationship doesn't need to be rushed because they are bound to try to speed it up.


Do you get tired of feeling like your ex-boyfriends only ever cared about themselves?

If so, find yourself an Aquarius man.

They are natural humanitarians, always caring about those around you and the world in general. I don't know about you, but that's a pretty hard quality to find in a guy sometimes.

They are also known for being natural-born communicators and sociable.

There's nothing worse than having a boyfriend who can't communicate how he's feeling in the relationship, so what a relief that an Aquarius can.

Unfortunately, this sign is know for being inconstant, especially in relationships.

One day you're the best thing that's ever happened to them, and the next day they think y'all should see other people.

This can definitely cause some uneasiness and could be a recipe for heartbreak, so be careful falling for an Aquarius man.


On the surface, Pisces have tons of amazing relationship qualities.

They are passionate, loyal, devoted and looking for love.

It's hard to meet a Pisces and not automatically be interested in pursuing them. There's nothing right away that turns you away.

They are knowing for being very simple, and let's be real: Everyone can appreciate a little simplicity over a super complicated man.

Little things will make them just as happy as some grand gesturer.

However, Pieces are dreamers. This causes they to always think the grass is greener on the other side, often letting go of someone great for the idea of something better.

One day, you might think everything is going well, just to find out they have the idea someone else is going to be better.


Dating a textbook Leo for years gave me an up-close and personal look at how a boyfriend of this sign operates, and I'd be hesitant to ever go back. But, there's someone for everybody.

Leos are extremely protective boyfriends.

Forget about having a guy who doesn't care about that guy at the bar hitting on you. He won't be afraid to get in that guy's face and start something.

They are also extremely driven in everything they do. Once they put their mind to a goal, forget about anything coming in the way of that.

If you get yourself a Leo boyfriend, be ready to take the passenger seat in just about everything.

They strive to be the life of the party, and they won't mind leaving you behind in the corner if you're holding them back from that.

Leos are extremely self-confident and sometimes just plain cocky. If you can't handle having a boyfriend who thinks you hit the jackpot with a guy like him, it's best you keep looking.