Don't Open Closed Doors: 6 Reasons To Keep Exes In The Past

by Meghan Breitner

When a frame falls and leaves a million broken pieces of shattered glass on the ground, what do you do? Do you somehow try to mend the pieces back together with glue?

The answer is no. After things are broken beyond repair, there is no fixing them.

You’re supposed to move forward and leave behind a chapter that has been defined as old news. You should never open an old door for something or someone of the past. It’s unhealthy, and it’s keeping you from taking the next step in your life.

Sometimes, we all need a little tough love, so here it is: It will never work out now, in the future or ever. I’m not saying give up because that sounds harsh, but truly, move on with your life.

Don’t give up on love, but give up on the person who gave you a reason to walk away.

Most likely, you were hurt beyond repair, or maybe, you hurt your ex-significant other. For one reason or another, it needed to end, and it did.

There’s no reason to go back to what has hurt you, what has left you in the dust or what can be prevented by staying far away. Basically, it should be off-limits. Here's why:

If It Was Meant To Work, It Would Have.

When something goes wrong, the first piece of advice you hear is, “Everything happens for a reason.” Listen to it. It’s not just a generic saying to help you feel better or something someone says because the person is awful at advice. It’s the cold, hard truth.

If you were supposed to end up with your last boyfriend or girlfriend, you would be with him or her. There wouldn’t be issues big enough to cause the connection between the two of you to break.

You Will Never Find The Right Person If You’re Always Stuck With The Wrong One.

Whatever he or she did to ruin your relationship was clearly something that should not have happened.

Whether your relationship lacked the trust, respect or the dignity it should always hold, someone will always treat you better than the person who broke your heart.

If you continue going back to the person who betrayed you, you’ll miss out when the perfect person does finally comes along. You'll be too blind to see.

The Person Will Continue To Hurt You.

Of course, the apology will seem so sincere the first time you hear it. But, what about two, three or four apologies? My concept is this: Do something once, and it's an accident. Do something twice, and it's on purpose.

If you are constantly hearing an apology for the same thing, it will never end. You will continue being disappointed in the end by believing false promises followed by a series of “apologies.”

The Respect Will Never Be Repaired.

You will never forge the pain. When you think about the love between the two of you, the heartbreak will always be one step ahead of you. When trying to fix things with someone from the past, everything will always seem off.

It’s like you’re taking two steps forward and one step back. You can’t move on without harsh memories bombarding your mind every time you look at this person. It will truly never go away.

It Will Never Be The Same As It Was In The Beginning.

We all long to have the first stages of a relationship back. The honeymoon phase is something of true beauty. You both know each other very well, but not well enough to understand the flaws or scars that are hiding.

Once a relationship ends, there’s no way in hell it will ever find its way back to the honeymoon phase. It’s as impossible as trying to trust someone who has cheated.

There Is Somebody Better For You.

Take a long, hard look at your relationship. Were you happy, or was it convenient? Did you absolutely love this person with all of your heart, or was it someone you liked spending time with on a lonely night?

Did you think about this person during the middle of the day or when your mind was secluded in a dark room at 2 am?

Be true to your feelings and your heart. You will find someone who will respect you, someone who will make you question why you ever wasted your time before him or her. This person will make life seem easier and will bring nothing but pure satisfaction to your life.

The clue: You just haven't met your person yet.