The 4 Ways To Keep The Conversation Flowing On A First Date, According To A Guy

by Walter Yeates
luke + mallory leasure

All right, gentlemen, what are you going to do on your first date with a girl if you can't keep the conversation going?

While you may be a great guy, she's probably won't like how things are going if you don't show any interest in what she has to say or if you can't effectively communicate your interest.

Because those born into Generation-Y commonly usually communicate through Facebook, Twitter and texts, some guys may not be comfortable with face-to-face interactions with a woman they have feelings for.

Here are several useful tips that can help you create and sustain a great conversation on your first date, no matter where you are.

1. Don't talk about yourself too much.

On a first date, you'll naturally discuss your hobbies, life aspirations and what makes you tick. However, there is still a fine line between talking about your own interests and totally commandeering the conversation.

Other than being explicitly disrespectful and rude, there isn't a worse impression a man can make on a first date than coming off as conceited, cocky and uninterested in your date.

Remember, sometimes being quiet is a good thing. Your date obviously deserves the opportunity to speak about their interests and play an active role in the conversation.

Plus, if you happen to be nervous on the date, sitting back and listening for a period of time may help you calm down as well.

2. Ignore your cell phone.

If you want to have a good first date — and possibly earn a second date — it's in your best interest to pay more attention to your date and less attention to your cell phone.

In fact, your phone shouldn't even be on unless you're expecting an emergency.

Even in those extreme cases, your cell phone should be kept on vibrate and ignored for the majority of the night. And if you absolutely have to check your phone, wait until you or your date goes to the restroom so you don't interrupt the conversation.

Otherwise, just pretend your phone doesn't exist for the night. You wouldn't want to ruin your chances of a second date because you were wondering what was going on in your group text.

3. Ask questions.

While I don't expect anyone to pull out journalist-level questions, it's quite easy to move the conversation forward and impress your date by asking questions.

For example, if you are asked a question, show your date you're interested in their own thoughts and opinions by asking, "How about you?" or "What do you think?"

Also, if you have run out of things to say, asking your date questions about themselves may eventually bring up a topic you have an opinion on. And if you're extremely lucky, your date will also throw questions back to you, so there'll be a natural back and forth.

4. Come prepared.

If you're on a date with someone, you should probably know a little something about them (unless it's a blind date, of course).

So don't show up acting as if you're meeting a complete stranger. Ask your date questions about the things you do know about that, like work, school or about the place you met.

Even if you know very little about them, small topics can create bigger conversations that lead into plenty of other topics.

Also, it doesn't hurt to prepare questions on topics you have some knowledge on yourself. Again, gentlemen, it's in your best interest to make sure your conversation flows and that you aren't left without anything intelligent to say.

So there you go, guys. These simple tips will help keep your conversations flowing, interesting, and maybe they'll even score you a few more dates.