Katy Perry's Solid Advice About Texting Your Ex Will Make You Put That Phone Down

by Candice Jalili
Foc Kan / Getty Images

Katy Perry has been my breakup guru ever since she came out with the ultimate breakup anthem "Part of Me" back in 2012. To be clear, 2012 was my freshman year of college. I had never gone through a breakup by then, so the song didn't even really apply to me, but something about its fiery, girl-power vibe got me riled up every single time.

And now, my girl Katy is back with some more epic breakup wisdom. Brace yourselves, because Katy Perry's advice about texting your ex is about to rock your world. The golden piece of advice came about when she was a guest on the podcast Conversations with Delilah.

Katy got real talking about her personal life and admitted that she, too, gets the urge to text her exes from time to time. (Yes, I'm also sitting here wondering which ex, too. I mean, John makes sense for a booty call, but maybe Orlando for when you're drunk and feeling lonely?)

She told Delilah, "I've been in that cycle before in a relationship and it had kind of reignited the relationship, and there's only so many times you can reignite the relationship or want to or should and sometimes you just need to write it and never send it. It's just that exercise — that cathartic exercise."

She went on to explain in a little more detail what going through the drafting, but not sending, process looks like for her:

I like drafting and then sleeping on it because, for me, my emotions get very heightened in the evening [and] then in the morning when I wake up I'm like, 'Oh, I'm so glad I didn't send that! I can get through another day without this situation.'

She continued that the whole exercise serves as "a lesson of self control" for her. And according to BuzzFeed, this temptation and lesson was actually prime inspo for one of her latest songs "Save As Draft," which is all about really, really wanting to text your ex, but knowing you shouldn't. In the end, it'll just rehash emotions you don't need.

All right, so now, you know what to do next time it's 4 a.m. and you're feeling a little lonely. Sure, go ahead and write that text, but DON'T YOU DARE SEND IT. Sleep on it, and you'll probably delete it in the morning. Remember, Katy Perry told you not to!

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