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Katie Thurston's Instagram Stories after her breakup with Blake Moynes are very honest.

Katie Revealed How She’s Really Coping After Breaking Up With Blake

So sad, so real.

ABC/Erin McCandless

The Bachelorette’s latest success story has come to a sad end. On Oct. 25, Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes announced their decision to split, but the former couple has kept relatively quiet since their mutual statement. However, on Oct. 27, the former Bachelorette took to social media to share some snippets of her healing process, and Thurston’s Instagram Stories after her breakup actually say a lot about how she’s recovering from the breakup — and it’s not a rosy ~journey~.

Thurston and Moynes first shared their breakup in a joint statement on Instagram. “It is with mutual love and respect that we have decided to go our separate ways,” they wrote. “...[W]e ultimately have concluded that we are not compatible as life partners, and it is the most caring choice for both of us to move forward independently.” And although it might have been the most “caring choice” for them, that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to move on.

Taking to her IG Stories a few days later, Thurston shared some honest insight into her emotional state post-split. In the first slide, she shared a photo of a dog, Dexter, at the beach. She wrote alongside the picture, “Dexter forcing me out [of] the house this morning.” Aw!


Later on that same day, Thurston opted to give her followers an even closer look at her feelings after the breakup. Sharing another pet picture on her IG Stories (this time, of her cat, Tommy), she thanked her fans for their “love and support” during this hard time.

Thurston wrote, “You can either spend every day convincing yourself things are fine. Or you can accept what is and learn and grow from it.” (Um, does this mean that Thurston was the one who called things off with Moynes?) She added, “You don’t [owe] anyone anything. Life is too short. Surround your personal universe with joy.”


Although breakups are never painless, it truly sounds like this was the best decision for Thurston and Moynes. Here’s hoping it allows both of them to start filling their “personal universe[s] with joy.”