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Kaitlyn Bristowe's Instagram caption about Jason Tartick's penis is definitely bold — and fans aren'...

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s NSFW Instagram Caption About Jason Tartick Is Wild


Bruce Glikas/WireImage/Getty Images

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick might be Bachelor Nation royalty (they did get engaged on a Bachelor-sponsored podcast, after all), but that doesn’t mean they always play by the rules. Bristowe has always been known for her blunt, nothing’s-off-limits attitude, and her recent Instagram caption about Tartick’s penis is proof that she has no qualms about speaking her mind — even when it’s dirty.

On Jan. 23, Bristowe shared two photos of her and Tartick. The caption she chose was bold, to say the least. “I love your personality,” Bristowe wrote. OK, so that’s not exactly jaw-dropping... but then she added,“But that d*ck is a nice bonus.” Um, ABC could never!

But Bristowe’s caption wasn’t exactly original. She confirmed in the comments section that she got her NSFW inspiration from a greeting card. “Hahah I saw the card and knew it was my next caption,” she wrote to one follower. (BTW, if you’re interested, Etsy sells one with this message for less than $6. The shop also sells candles and coffee mugs, too, if raunchy cards aren’t your jam.)

Of course, the reaction to Bristowe’s post was mixed. The comments section was full of people both loving and hating on the Bachelorette co-host for choosing such a racy caption. Even Tartick himself seemed a little shocked by his fiancée’s way with words. He summed up his thoughts on the post with just one emoji: “😳.”

Tartick wasn’t the only member of Bachelor Nation who reacted, either. Wells Adams, Bachelor In Paradise’s favorite bartender, commented on the post, “Yowza!” Bristowe wrote back, “I really went for it.” When Bristowe’s ex Ben Higgins wrote, “This is strong,” Bristowe quipped in response, “some would say aggressive.” Suffice to say, she isn’t too worried about the critics. Purely for social media engagement, the more comments (critical or otherwise), the better.

One thing’s clear: even though Bristowe and Tartick’s relationship seems to be as solid as can be, that doesn’t mean they can’t surprise fans. Let’s just hope that Bristowe keeps those surprises to Instagram captions — not pictures.