This Couple Found The Engagement Ring They Lost 9 Years Ago, So Miracles Are Real


There are lots of things about the whole getting married process that really stress me out. Planning a giant party for every loved one I've come across in my life? Stressful. Dealing with the concept that you just agreed to spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE with somebody? Very stressful. Receiving a small piece of jewelry worth more than your salary that you're expected to wear for the rest of your life?! SOMEONE PASS ME A XANAX PLEASE. New Jersey couple Justin and Margaret Mussel found their lost engagement ring and, in doing so, effectively lived my worst nightmare followed by my absolute happy ending fantasy.

Margaret actually lost the 1.1 karat diamond engagement ring nine years ago while on vacation in Italy shortly after their wedding, according to USA Today. "My wife's ring was loose, but she didn't realize it was gone until later," Justin told USA Today. "She took a nap [after], and woke up and realized she didn't have it on." If the ring was lost within the United States, the couple could have used their insurance to replace it, but unfortunately, the ring was lost out of the country, so Justin had to spend several years saving up again after the ring went missing to get another ring for his wife.

For most people, that's where the story ends. Wife loses engagement ring. Husband buys her a new one. That's about as happy of an ending as you're going to get. But this was not the case for the Mussel family.

Nine years later, in August 2017, Justin and Margaret aren't just a couple anymore. They have two kids and are now officially the Mussel family. This summer, they decided to go for a trip to Italy and take their kids to the same place they vacationed as a couple nine years ago.

They were staying at Margaret's parents' house when — you guessed it — THE RING WAS FOUND. Justin was lounging on the porch when he noticed that, every time a car would pass, there was something flickering in the light from a crack in the sidewalk. While most people would just let that go, Justin decided to delve a little deeper. He dug into the crack where he noticed the gleaming light with a screw driver and, BOOM! It was Margaret's long lost ring.

Margaret told ABC, "When he kept saying he saw something shiny, in my head I said 'he probably thinks that's the ring,' and no way it would be there after nine years." But it was! Needless to say, Margaret was shocked. "I was like, 'There's no way the ring is in there.' I couldn't believe it. I thought he was playing a joke."

Now, if you're wondering which ring she's wearing now, the answer is her original. I mean, how could she not? Best. Story. Ever.

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