This New Dating App Feature Lets You Weed Out People With Bad Music Taste

You guys, dating apps just became SO much easier.

People will now be able to sync up their Bumble accounts to their Spotify accounts. The change -- which allows people to see which music their matches jam out to -- will be implemented within the next few weeks.

The major change to come “not only gives Bumble users a peek into the music preferences of their potential connection, but also provides an easy conversation starter." Makes sense to me. I'm SO SICK of beginning conversations with "hey :)" because there isn't enough information on the dude's profile and responding to "hey :)" because dudes are too lazy to think up anything else, despite my colorful, well-groomed profile (and model-esque looks).

Look, I really don't use Bumble, but I may just start to. The reason I don't use dating apps is because it's impossible for me to figure out which hot stranger I should go on a date with -- there are way too many single, hot strangers in the world looking for love and I only designate so many hours a week to go on dates.

But because I am a lover of music and can appreciate someone who's also passionate about music, I think this change is a step in the right direction. I refuse to waste my precious time going on a date with someone who considers Fetty Wap art, so this whole thing should facilitate the weeding-out process.

So rejoice, because now you can finally judge your hypothetical future husband on something else besides his appearance and two lines you texted to him. If you're an avid Tinder user, you may just want to switch over to Bumble.

Besides, I've always imagined I'd end up with someone who shares my exquisite affinity for classical music. But that's just the hopeless romantic in me.

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