Is figure skater Nathan Chen single?

Is Nathan Chen Single? Let's Investigate

The Olympic figure skater is a three-time World Champion.

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The 2022 Winter Olympics are in full swing, and although some people might be avidly watching purely for the sports, I believe that no Olympics-watching session is complete without a deep dive into the personal lives of the athletes. What can I say? I’m thorough. This Olympic Games most of the focus has been on one athlete in particular, figure skater Nathan Chen. And no, everyone is not solely talking about his recent record-setting score (Chen received the highest ever score in a men’s short program, BTW). There’s another question taking up a lot of space in Olympics fans’ minds: Is Chen single? Here’s what we know.

Based on Chen’s social media, all signs point to him being single. In fact, it looks like his last confirmed relationship — with fellow skater Amber Glenn — ended back in 2016. By 2017, the former couple stopped posting together. And that was Chen’s last public relationship. However, some fans think that he may have moved on with Mai Mihara, a Japanese competitive figure skater.

Back in 2017, Chen posted a photo with Mihara with a flirty caption. “Mai 😍,” he wrote. OK, so that’s not exactly an elaborate relationship announcement, but it still got fans talking. One commented on the post, “So they’re dating?” They never confirmed anything. But even if they were together, it seems like that relationship is over now.

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Instead, Chen has been posting with another figure skater, fellow Olympian Mariah Bell. (Apparently, the figure skating world is very connected.) They could very easily just be friends though. Plus, it seems like Bell may be dating Romain Ponsart, another (!) figure skater. And it doesn’t seem like she dumped Ponsart for Chen. Based on social media, the trio remains incredibly close.

So it seems like Chen is single... for now, at least. And honestly, who could blame him? Training for the Olympics and setting world records doesn’t give you a ton of time to have an active dating life — even if it is with a fellow figure skater.