People Hilariously Reveal The Moment They Realized Their Partner Was An Idiot And It’s Amazing

by Candice Jalili
Stocksy/Gabrielle Lutze

I don't like the word "idiot." Personally, I think it's pretty mean. But I do think we all have some not-so-smart moments — some of us more so than others. And, as someone who has a few more of those not-so-smart moments than others do, I'm sure my boyfriend is forced to wonder, "Is my partner an idiot?" from time to time.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to explain the times they were forced to wonder if their partners were idiots and... they're freaking hilarious. Read along and hop aboard the LOL-coaster.

She was upset there wasn't a "you are here" arrow on her paper map.

He wanted to use a Ziplock bag as a condom.

She accused him of making up the word "hypocritical."

He forgot that you need a phone to make a call.

He thought hotel sheets were cleaner than the comforter.

He didn't realize regular people were allowed to live in Washington DC.

He thought New York City was in California.

She thought turkeys were just big chickens.

He thought baby ducks were called quacklings.

She's a living dad joke.

She tried to cook noodles with no water.

He didn't notice most of the numbers on the microwave.

He mistook 50 meters in depth for 50 meters in length.

He purposely glued his bathroom door shut.

Do you have any stories about a time you thought your partner was an idiot? Or maybe of a time you were the idiot? Comment below!

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