Is Emma Chamberlain single?
Let’s Talk About Emma Chamberlain’s Mysterious Relationship History


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Emma Chamberlain likes to keep her romantic life private — and she’s felt that way for awhile. Though the YouTube star has shared a lot of her life with the internet (hence the YouTube stardom), she has made it clear how she feels about public romances, and they’re not for her. So, um, is Chamberlain single? The world may never know, but that’s not going to stop me from perusing her mysterious relationship history.

Though she’s spent years in the spotlight, Chamberlain has never actually confirmed any romance, like, ever. It’s on purpose, too. In a 2019 interview with W Magazine, she explained her reluctance to publicize any romance. “I don’t know if I would ever have a public relationship, ever. And this is not coming from experience in any way; this is coming from morals. I’m speaking from what would feel right. Breakups alone are absolutely the most f*cking awful thing that exist. Why would you want other people to be heartbroken with you? I can’t imagine that.” She added, “And also, I don’t like seeing other people’s relationships. It’s boring and it’s gross.” (Agree to disagree.)

It’s been some time since Chamberlain waxed on poetically about the perils of public relationships, but it doesn’t seem like her philosophy has changed much since then. In other words, there have been no launches (hard or soft) on her IG feeds and zero romance confirmations. Chamberlain’s relationship history is veryyy quiet, but here’s what I do know.

2018 - 2019: Her Rumored Romance With Ethan Dolan

In July 2019, there was a lot of romance speculation surrounding Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan. She had been close friends with him since 2018, prompting one reporter to ask if they were ~official~ yet after a SoulCycle date. Chamberlain’s response was coy. “Did we say it? Not yet,” she replied, per Seventeen. Cue the cries for #Ethma to make things official.

However, a few months later, Chamberlain told W exactly how she felt about public romances — and the chances of Chamberlain and Dolan making their rumored romance legit slipped away.

September 2019: Her Rumored Romance With Aaron Hull

In November 2019, Chamberlain posted a YouTube video titled, "Learning How to Skateboard to Impress a Boy.” OK, so that doesn’t exactly give a ton of information away, but fans had an inkling it was about known Sk8er Boi and TikToker Aaron Hull.

Apparently, the duo both followed each other on IG, and they were often posting pictures at similar places at the same time. Though no confirmation ever came from Chamberlain, Hull did speak out on their “real relationship” in a September 2020 YouTube video.

He told his subscribers that they dated for around five months (starting with a DM from Chamberlain in early fall of 2019), and had an “awesome” connection. But they eventually called it off. “Distance and everything, the formula was just too hard. I think, from my point of view,” he said. Hull also addressed cheating rumors from January 2020. “No, I did not cheat on Emma and I would not ever want to have a bad ending with Emma, but at that point, it was out of my hands,” he clarified.

He added, “Emma was the greatest girlfriend, I couldn’t [have] asked for anything more from her. She was so supportive of me.”

2021: Her Rumored Romance With Tucker Pillsbury
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During a May 2021 episode of her podcast Anything Goes, Chamberlain discussed a nightmare involving “someone cheating” on her. As she retold the story, she shared that she actually woke up and called the mystery person from her dream — and many fans took that as confirmation that she was, in fact, in a relationship.

They were spotted hanging out together several times, courtesy of one fan account @emmas_car_scissors. (There’s even a cute video of Pillsbury giving Chamberlain a piggyback ride so she didn’t have to trek through the mud.) Chamberlain’s dad also follows Pillsbury on IG, further solidifying the rumors.

Though Chamberlain hasn’t confirmed anything, she posed with Pillsbury on the Vanity Fair Oscar Party red carpet in March 2022, and she ignored Jack Harlow’s flirting at the Met Gala in May 2022. That said, fans are pretty convinced Chamberlain and Pillsbury are still going strong.

Though we may never know Chamberlain’s actual relationship status, it certainly seems like her and Pillsbury have something special.

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