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These caption ideas are the perfect finishing touch on your couples costume Halloween Instagram post...
38 Halloween IG Captions To Make You And Your Boo’s Pics Stand Out

Who knew Halloween could be so romantic?

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If you have a partner in your life, you two may be thinking about going the matching Halloween costume route this Oct. 31. Whether you're stopping by a few different parties, enjoying a quiet night at home, checking out some bars with a group of friends, or even going trick-or-treating, you'll likely want to capture the night by taking some photos. Of course, you'll want to pair your pics with Instagram captions for couples Halloween costumes that'll go with whatever you two wear.

Some couples like to go all out for Halloween with full-on spooky costumes. Others may prefer to keep things low-key with items they can easily find in their closet to reproduce a pop culture reference between two characters. And some might like to go the clever route, like dressing up as peanut butter and jelly.

Whatever you decide on going as this year, I’m sure your costumes will be the talk of the party, bar scene, or neighborhood (if you go for the trick-or-treating route). And your photos will 100% come out amazing. But of course, you'll need that perfect caption to top it all off. Don't fret, because I'm here to help you out. I thought of Instagram captions you and your significant other can use to make sure you havethe most epic Halloween Instagram post. Check out this list for pop culture references, scary captions, and more.

For Pop Culture Costumes

If you and your partner love referencing pop culture moments, have your Instagram caption match that as well. Whether your costumes are a nod to the latest pop culture moment or make a more classic reference, your caption can be a fun way to make sure your costume lands (and impress your followers with your pop culture knowledge).

1. Even though she's/he's/they're a Gryffindor and I'm a Slytherin, I guess I still love her/him/them.

2. He’s the Spiderman to my MJ.

3. Remember the Russian satellite, Sputnik? (True Friends fans will remember this one.)

4. The Duke and Duchess of Hastings have never looked better.

5. Pulled [him/her/them] for a chat. (Love Island fans will know.)

6. His hair does look sexy pushed back.

7. David and Patrick might be the best couple in Schitt’s Creek, but we get the title in [insert location].

8. The only person I’d do double denim with.

9. Tried our best to do Morticia and Gomez justice.

10. Two Pogues walk into a bar...

11. Rocking out with my twin flame.

12. Bennifer’s back and better than ever.

13. You know you love us... xoxo Gossip Girl

For Classic Costumes

Do you want to dress up as a couple of witches, cats, vampires, or ghosts? There's nothing wrong with a classic Halloween costume. It's easy to create, and people won't be confused all night long trying to guess what your costume is. So pair your classic costume with an equally classic (and punny) caption like any of the ideas listed below.

14. Witch one of us nailed this costume the best?

15. More cats on Halloween? Purrrrfect.

16. The only ghosting in this relationship is our costumes.

17. The cutest pumpkins in the patch.

18. Just too cute to put on the spook.

19. Our love is truly out of this world. 👽

20. Always a bloody good time with you.

21. We have a (skele)ton of fun.

22. I’m under your spell.

23. A fang-tastic Halloween.​​

24. The costumes aren’t boring — they’re timeless.

25. Perfect ‘fits with my perfect fit.

26. We never go out of style.

For Scary Costumes
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So you're a couple who likes to get real spooky for Halloween? We're talking fake blood, creepy masks, and jump scares galore? Got it. Any of these captions — or honestly, quotes from your favorite scary movie — will do the trick.

27. We chose “trick.”

28. "Nothing to be scared of with this one by my side.

29. Spooky szn has arrived.

30. Don't look behind you.

31. I see dead people.

32. No one was harmed in the making of this Halloween.

33. Feeling slightly haunted after this year’s festivities.

34. Do you like scary movies?

35. Boo.

36. Be afraid, be very afraid.

37. Let’s see how long it is before Instagram takes this down.

38. Sorry, did we scare you?

Now that you've chosen your caption for your costume, all that's left to do is enjoy the holiday with your SO. Just be sure to take lots of pics to document the memories, and have the spooky time of your life.

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