Sex In Relationships: Why We Need To Make It A Priority With Our Partners


There are many important aspects in a relationship; trust, unselfishness, compromise and communication are just a few.

We've all had our issues with these, along with additional ups and downs in relationships, but there is one issue that can cause just as many problems as it does temporarily solve them: sex.

Sex is an important aspect of a relationship that requires you to give yourself in one of the most vulnerable ways; it is a special piece of you that you will forever give away to someone else. Therefore, many emotions can go into it.

In new relationships, people are learning about each other and their preferences. It can be a confusing, funny and embarrassing time. Furthermore, each person has personal ideas of what he or she likes.

This is a critical point for making each person feel comfortable and able to acknowledge ideas. Trust is a major part here, too.

If you do something that makes a person feel insecure or embarrassed, the person will likely react in a non-trusting way and feel alienated.

It's no secret that men and women like different things and some of the same things, too. Now, we all understand compromise, or so I hope. If you care for someone, you are usually a little more open-minded, especially when the person shows a willingness to please you.

So, we all have our preferences regarding turn-ons and stimulants, which brings me to my next point: mental stimulation. I believe the mental connection is the strongest connection available. This is one of the reasons a real relationship is better than most one-night stands.

Just knowing that my girlfriend or wife is willing to do what pleases me is a turn-on. Also, if you want to please your significant other, learn about him or her and do it.

For example, some women like soft sex, others rough and some both, depending on time. Know how to mix it up and surprise her.

For men, some like the submissive role at times, so surprise him with some handcuffs and don't be afraid to take charge.

The point is that most of the time, what turns men on is knowing that they are mentally on the same page as their partners and the mentality may take physical form.

Mental stimulation is necessary for both sexes to be fully aroused and keep things happy.

Sex should be fun for both, not something that is dreaded. If you are not happy, communicate. That is key. Even if you think your partner might not want to hear something is wrong or how to improve, it is always better to share.

Communicating is always appreciated and shows you want to keep your relationship growing.

Be open to active listening, and do not be afraid to try new things. Keeping things fresh and not forgetting about the other person is what keeps good sex alive.

Sex is the cause of many relationship problems, due to lack of communication and lingering insecurities. Being with someone on a serious level allows you to learn a lot about both your partner and yourself.

It teaches you how to deal, react and work with someone about whom you might hold differing ideas. This concept is new to everyone at some point and essential for longevity in any relationship.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It