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The prompts built into the Hinge app can make starting a conversation so much easier.

Try These 20 Brilliant Ideas For Hinge's "Let's Debate This Topic" Prompt

The best conversations get a little fiery, no?


When dating apps first came on the scene, bio sections were just blank canvases; there were no prompts, no questions. The apps threw you to the wolves and forced you to scrounge up the banter using nothing but your own creativity and brain power. Today, dating apps like Hinge have evolved to help guide conversation and get things flowing. Thanks to its prompts, Hinge will hold your hand through those first, terrifying few moments of getting to know someone new, starting you off on solid footing so you can determine your true level of connection with your matches.

Hinge became so popular in the last few years in part because of its incorporation of bio prompts. Even Tinder took note and added a similar feature in the spring of 2020. From bio prompts like “We’re the same type of weird if…” to “A shower thought I recently had is…”, the app is full of verbal nudges that can kickstart a conversation and help you showcase more of your personality than you might have been able to on a purely swipe-based app.

One of the best and more open-ended options available on Hinge is the “Let’s debate this topic” prompt. It not only gives you a glimpse into the inner psyche of your matches, but it gives you the chance to throw your hottest takes out into the universe and see what sticks. The “Let’s debate this topic” prompt can invite controversy. It can spark some outrage. It can get the blood pumping. And what better way to ignite the passion?

Read on for 20 ideas for Hinge’s “Let’s debate this topic” prompt that will bring you great answers and even better matches.

Let’s Debate This Topic…

  1. It’s perfectly fine to wear socks to bed.
  2. House plants are better than house pets.
  3. Pumpkin spice is overrated.
  4. The pink Power Ranger is objectively the best Power Ranger.
  5. Candles actually make the best gifts.
  6. Water signs make the best lovers.
  7. Winter is secretly the best season.
  8. Brunch should never start before 1 p.m.
  9. Missionary is the hottest position.
  10. Squirrels are just well-adjusted rats.
  11. The “All Too Well” video should have been a feature-length film.
  12. Spooning is the ultimate form of cuddling.
  13. It should be a felony to skip the liquid butter on your movie theater popcorn.
  14. Almond milk is an insult to alternative milks.
  15. Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark never should have broken up.
  16. Sexting is better than the real thing.
  17. Arm-in-arm is better than holding hands.
  18. It is perfectly acceptable to eat a tomato the way you would eat an apple.
  19. The height of pleasure in this life would be letting Harry Styles paint your nails.
  20. Nothing beats a neck kiss.

Whatever topic you go with, don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers. After all, spirited debate is a sign of a healthy relationship!