Guys Reveal How Much They'll Text A Girl They Like Before The First Date

Sometimes, I really just want to throw my phone into the ocean and never worry about calling or texting anyone again. But then, I remember all the memes I'd miss out on, and the fact that that phone costs more than I want to think about, and it stays glued to my goddamn hand. I'm a bitter slave to technology.

But being trapped in this cycle of constant communication with anyone and everyone can f*ck you up a little bit, especially with dating. How often do guys text a girl they like before the big first date? Is it OK if I text that girl I like first? What if someone I like hasn't responded to my text in five hours? WHAT IF NONE OF MY CRUSHES LAUGH AT THE MEMES I SEND THEM?

Imagine me saying this in a definitely sarcastic, high-pitched, whiny voice: Life is SO hard sometimes, you guys. But luckily, some guys on Reddit may have made at least one part of it a little easier, as they revealed how often they text a girl they like before a first date. So if you're worrying about how often your date texts you before the actual event, well, mostly don't worry about that because this guy does not deserve your worry just yet. But to satisfy your curiosity, read along:

This guy says it definitely depends on the situation.

These guys think you gotta leave some stuff to talk about on the first date.

Léa Jones

This guy understands the importance of a good meme when texting a girl, thank God.

These guys will match whatever you're doing (because you're always right, duh).

This woman said her now-fiancé would text her every day leading up to their first date.

These guys will barely text you beforehand apparently. (Why, though?)

This guy is literally the most specific person ever, and his thumbs probably hurt a lot. I don't know his life, though.

This guy will call you on the phone instead, and I hate the fact that this is simultaneously cute but still fills me with fear and anxiety.

But at the end of the day, /u/B0000000BS is probably right. Guys are just gonna do them.

Don't get too caught up in the nitty-gritty of texting, my friends. Some of those guys are right, anyway. You do want to leave some stuff to talk about on the actual date. A few text conversations and maybe some funny memes in the few days before are all you need to get a feel for this person leading up to your date.

Because if your date isn't sending you funny memes in the first place, how fun will this person be anyway? That's not someone I want to be with. (Is this why I'm not with anyone? Someone date me.)

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