Men Reveal How Often They Text Their GFs, And Your Guy Needs To Step Up His Game

by Jamie LeeLo

Listen, it's hard enough figuring out what your online persona is, but dealing with your "text personality" is a whole different ball game.

I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say we've all dated a guy who acts one way in person but becomes a completely different guy over text message. And navigating how and when to communicate or reach out to him can be tricky.

On one hand, you don't want to scare him away. But on the other hand, WHAT ARE THEY DOING? HOW ARE THEY? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!

This sparked one Reddit user's curiosity, prompting them to ask, "How often do you text your significant other?" And a bunch of male responders weighed in.

Take a look and see how your texting communication with your personal snuggle-bunny stacks up with these men:

These guys have a "more is more" attitude about texting.

And these guys feel that a healthy balance of communication and time off makes the most sense.

Some guys just don't identify as "texters." *eye roll*

A lot of gents think feeling connected to their SO is more important than playing it cool via messaging.

But of course, not everyone likes the idea of constantly texting.

TBH, I was surprised! It turns out that a lot of guys prefer to text quite frequently and want to feel connected.

If they're in it to win it, you bet they'll be in touch with you throughout the day.

And if you DON'T hear from them and want to get their attention, you can always, always, always send the flamenco dancer emoji. Such mystery. Such intrigue.