Guys Reveal How They Act Around You When They Like You And It'll Make You Say "Aw"

Want to find out if your crush actually likes you?

WELL, I can't actually tell you that because I don't actually know who your crush is or their feelings about you.

But wait! Don't click out just yet! I come offering some hope!

LADIES, HERE'S A CUTE LIL WAY FOR YOU TO FIND OUT. On Reddit, men were asked to explain how they typically act when they're around a girl they really like.

Lucky for you, they responded, and let's just say, you're about to feel really awkward for them... but, like, in a cute way — one that'll make you say, "Awwww."

Read along and rejoice that men are just as awkward and nervous as we are:

He floods her with emojis.

He can't shut up.

The nerves get out of control for him.

His brain turns to mush.

These guys let their nerves get the best of them.

Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

He just plays it ice cold.

This guy can't stop talking.

This guy has the opposite problem.

He doesn't give her a lot of space.

Alto Images/ Stocksy

He gets too awkward.

This guy gets TOO nice.

All right, now, if you the guy you like does any of these things around you, then he probably likes you back.

And here's to hoping your crush is @TheDukeofARgyll!