Guys Reveal What Kinds Of Things They'll Do To Show You They Really Like You

by Candice Jalili
Stocksy/Simone Becchetti

Dating is hard. And one of the very hardest parts about dating? Well, I would argue that it's definitely trying to figure out if the person you like actually likes you back. Your brain suddenly goes into overdrive trying to search for literally any clue at all that this person feels the same way about you. But, alas, I'm here to help. How do you know if a guy likes you, you ask?! DON'T WORRY, I'VE GOT SOME HELPFUL HINTS.

A recent Reddit thread prompted to helpful guys to explain exactly how they act when they actually like someone — and even wanna get more serious with them — and, boy, oh boy, did they deliver. Read along and look for all of these hints that your crush actually likes you, too.

He makes it clear he wants to see you again.

He would just ask you out.

He tries to hang out with you more.

He goes out of his way to hang out with you.

He is as obvious as possible about his intentions.

He jokes around with you more.

He won't sleep with you on the first date.

He will sleep with you on the first date.

He asks to see you again.

OK, well, these are just nine opinions from random men on the internet. But definitely don't take them to heart. Just keep doing you, and the right guy will make it obvious he likes you. And if you're feeling bold and confident (which you should always be feeling), then just ask the guy you're curious about how he feels about you.

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