Girl Tried To Drunkenly Bang Her HS Crush With A Tampon In


This week, we have Allie* who finally hooked up with her high school crush... only to find she still had a tampon in and she forgot to shave her vagina:

The backstory


5 pm: Prep time.

8 pm: Pregaming with the girls for some liquid confidence.

9 pm: Pregaming with the ~boys~, where my jokes are on point.

10 pm: Party time.

11 pm: MAGIC starts happening.

12 am(?): Drunk. Time is uncertain, but moves are being made.

12:30 am(??): Time to go for a quick shave.

1:00 am (or MUCH later): Things are gettin' STEAMY.

1:05 am: Things are getting NEGATIVE steamy.

1:10 am: Crisis is kind of averted, but not really.

3:00 am: Night's over.

11:47 am: The next day.



Did you read that, ladies?

I think we can all agree our girl, Allie, lived every female's worst nightmare. She hooked up with someone she was actually into and was not only ON HER PERIOD but also HAD NOT SHAVED.

Mortifying. Essentially everything that could go wrong did... and she still managed to hook up with him later.

More power to her.

*Names have been changed.

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