7 Reasons Hooking Up With A Coworker Will Never End In The Relationship You Want

by Annabel Owen
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Aside from literally sh*tting where you eat (because that would be foul and stupid), there are plenty of other examples this metaphor applies to.

In this instance, I’m referring to Barney Stinson’s platinum rule, “Never ever, ever, ever, love thy neighbor.”

His point is you should never date someone you have to see on a regular basis.

This brings me to my “why you should never sh*t where you eat” example.

Don't date someone at the same workplace.

This is something I wish somebody had told me. (Rather, someone did tell me. I just wish I’d listened.)

I know what you're going to say.

"This is different."

"I think it will be fine. We really have a connection."

This is what I told myself.

Four months later, I found myself alone and not even on speaking terms with my coworker.

I was left trying to drag myself out of bed and into work with a smile on my face.

Looking back, there are a number of reasons I shouldn’t have gotten involved with someone I work with.

Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t, either:

1. You bitch about work together.

You have someone to talk to about all your work problems, sure.

You have someone who actually gets it.

You have someone whom you can rant to about your boss or your annoying coworker, and he or she understands this more than anyone else would.

But while this may seem like a great thing, it can become all you have to talk about.

If this happens, red flags should start to appear.

Work talk is great, but it shouldn’t be all you have in common.

2. You’ll get distracted.

Try to concentrate when that sexy motherf*cker is staring at you from across the room or brushing past you down the hall.

It will become extremely difficult.

Less work will get done, and this may or may not jeopardize your job and career.

While you’re fantasizing about what you two could be doing in the bathroom, your boss is figuring out the best way to fire you.

3. You have the potential to argue a lot more.

You have no worries about fighting with this person at work because you are close and comfortable with him or her, unlike with other coworkers.

Since you work together, you simply now have much more to argue about.

4. You see this person all day, every day.

We know human beings love each other’s company, but everyone needs a break every now and then.

We are physically unable to put up with someone 24/7.

If you are dating somebody you work with, you will need a break sooner or later.

5. Everyone you work with is in on it.

Before too long, people will find out.

Your romance will become the office gossip.

Whispers will happen behind your back, and stories will be passed from one mouth to another.

The secretive, sexy element of being mysterious will have vanished, and social pressures may begin to arise.

Brace yourself for dating questions, marriage jokes and for anyone and everyone to know about your private life.

Isn't it always nice to keep work and home separate?

6. Such relationships usually never work out, anyway.

Relationships are hard enough to stabilize as it is, especially when you're young.

More often than not, the relationship will go down in flames.

In any other relationship, that would be it: Goodbye and see you never!

But because you work with this person, you now have to see each other every single day and deal with the awkward consequences.

7. There are plenty of other people out there.

Unless you think this person is the potential love of your life, I wouldn’t go there.

There are plenty of other people out there you can date, so don’t settle for someone you work with simply because it’s convenient.

Trust me: It’s not worth the trouble.