5 Reasons Hooking Up With Your BFF Actually Isn't Such A Bad Idea

by Amy Lukac
Paramount Pictures

Relationships can get messy, and they usually take up way too much of your time. But, we are human, and we all need to be satisfied somehow, right? And who knows you better than your best friend?

Here are five reasons hooking up with your best friend is better than getting into a messy relationship:

1. There are no strings attached.

The strings in relationships suck. Most of your time goes to texting or talking to your significant other on the phone or snuggling on the couch every night. Those close relationships cause rules to develop. All of a sudden, you're not allowed to go to a club with your friends or text that friend your significant other hates.

Keeping each other sane is too much work. If you hook up with your best friend, you won't have to worry about any of that. You can just move on with the rest of your day after a night of fun.

2. There are “benefits.”

Who doesn't love benefits? If you're hooking up with your crush, it could be hard to not think about texting him or her the next day. After said hookup, you'll want to see what he or she is doing the next day, and soon you'll realize you're developing feelings beyond a crush. That's way too messy.

Hooking up with your best friend is like a personal booty call. Have fun without falling in love.

3. Nobody else knows you better.

Most people will name a friend of many years their "best friend." Everyone can assume your best friend knows you better than anyone else, and sometimes more than yourself.

By hooking up with your BFF, you can skip the 21 questions, including talking about past relationships. You can avoid the, “Why are you single?” question.

4. You'll be comfortable.

Your best friend is the person you can fart in front of, pee with the door open with and tell embarrassing stories to. Being comfortable with someone is a must, especially when you're hooking up with the person.

If the friction between your bodies causes a weird, humorous noise to sneak in between the heavy breathing, you'll be able to laugh it off and continue with business.

5. There are no secrets.

Secrets can kill a relationship. “Why didn't you tell me about that guy you dated?” and “Why did you break up?” are the types of questions you could avoid. Your BFF knows your deepest, darkest secrets.

He or she knows about the time you stole alcohol from your parents freshman year and about the time you lied and told your parents you were sleeping at someone's house so you could sneak off to that party. It basically feels like you're in a marriage without the legal papers.

Here's an idea: During your next "sleepover," either discuss it, or pour some wine and give it a shot. After all, you guys are BFFs. So, if it doesn't work out for you two, you can just go back to beings inseparable besties.