Some cool, funny, and weird butt plugs.

These 13 Butt Plugs Make Backdoor Play Even More Fun

Wait until you see the one that literally changes color to match your body heat.

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The world of butt plugs is a fascinating and diverse one. From tails to glass to colorful popsicle-esque constructions, there’s something for virtually every mood or taste. Since the anus is rife with nerve endings, the butt plug can be an especially stimulating and fun toy for people who enjoy the sensation of pressure in the anus, to warm up the anus for anal sex, or to engage in BDSM play. “Regardless of your gender, your anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings,” writes sex educator Emily Morse. “Using a butt plug is a safe (and very fun) way to explore this erogenous zone. Some people like to use them during solo play, while others think it’s a great added sensation for partnered sex. In many cases, folks enjoy the sense of ‘fullness’ that comes with a butt plug, as this can amplify the other pleasurable feelings you experience during sex.”

If this is a kind of toy you’re looking to explore, make sure you always, always have lube on hand, as the rectum does not create its own lubrication after being stimulated. Water-based lube is a good place to start, especially for silicone toys, but note that it’s not effective for water-based play (shower sex, etc.) because it will simply go down the drain. Whether you’re using a butt plug by yourself or with a partner, lube is also important because it makes for smooth sailing in that oh-so-delicate region, vital for keeping its fine skin from unnecessary damage.

You also only want to choose butt plugs that are made from silicone, stainless steel, or glass: all non-porous materials that can easily be cleaned and won’t release gross chemicals into your body. And while it might be tempting, homemade butt plugs or DIY butt plugs aren't the best idea--rather, it’s a good idea to trust the experts on this one.

When you’re ready, start small. And when you want to try something a little more wild, we found some of the most delightful, unusual butt plugs out there that are sure to cause a sensation.

Release Your Inner Animal

Some of the most adorable and just plain funny butt plugs out there will offer you your tail of choice, whether it’s a bright pink bunny pouf or a radiant long unicorn fantasy.

For (Even More) New Sensations

If you’re already a fan of butt plugs and want to take your anal experience ~to the next level~, these are for you.

When You’re Feeling Colorful

A spicy romp can bring out your giddy, playful, sassy side. Shine on!

To Double Your Adventure

Ready to try something a little extra? These toys are sure to inspire an unforgettable night.


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