Relationships — Here's What Happens When You Realize You're In A Love Triangle
by Suzanne McKenzie

The love triangle: No self-respecting rom-com is complete without one. It's tumultuous, it's full of intrigue and it's pretty much the utmost in juicy, cinematic drama.

But while a love triangle can be sexy and entertaining onscreen, finding yourself in an IRL and unwitting ménage à trois isn't exactly ideal.

Don't get it twisted: We're big believers in the 'sharing is caring' philosophy when it comes to friends, but finding out that the *other* woman in your triangle d'amour is your BFF might just be the worst thing since the invention of read receipts.

It doesn't matter if you and your boo have only been on one (uhhhmazing) date or if you've been talking engagement rings and wedding venues. Either way, the fact remains: When it comes to love, no one wants to share.

But if you're like the ladies in this video and you do find yourself in this cursed situation, you'll have no choice but to deal with it head-on.

Which means that once you've come to terms with this sad reality, you've got a decision to make.

Are you going to let some sleazebag guy come in between you and your bestie? Or will you go full-on girl power and band together to dump this ass?

The choice is yours.

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