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Here's How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Your Sex Life

Brace yourself — the next few weeks are going to be a wild ride.

by Kaleigh Fasanella
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It’s only natural to feel more hot and bothered in the summertime. Case in point: The longer daylight hours mean scantily clad beach hangs, boozy patio happy hours, and hot AF hookups. But the hustle and grind of your day-to-day dating life is just the tip of the iceberg, as a number of celestial shifts are taking place this summer — and as you can probably guess, these planetary changes will have everyone reimagining their sensuality in some major ways this season.

For starters, the summer solstice occurred on June 20 of this year, marking the first official day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This is when the sun reaches its highest and northernmost point in the sky, creating the longest day — and shortest night — of the entire year. It’s a noteworthy event for both scientific and spiritual reasons, and it’s been celebrated throughout history with grand architectural monuments, pagan bonfires, and sunrise festivals. But the official start of summer does far more than mark a change in the weather. This year, it’s also a time when nearly every zodiac sign is feeling a shift in their sexual energy.

Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of Saturn Return Survival Guide, tells Elite Daily that several astrological events will have folx acting on their impulses this summer. And she points to the solstice as a particularly potent time for setting intentions and manifesting them into reality.

Stardust also says the communicative energy of Mercury in Gemini (an event that lasts from May until July 7) will have almost every single zodiac sign embracing some serious pillow talk. “It’s a time to talk about things we always wanted to try, and things that turn us on.” Sexting is about to have a big moment, she adds, unless that is you’re a Gemini feeling the exhausting effects of Mercury as the planet starts its retrograde.

Almost everyone (sorry, twin signs) is feeling some kind of sexual heatwave this summer as a result of Saturn and Uranus squaring off for the second time this year, an event Stardust points to as a time to challenge traditional ways of thinking with a more open-minded approach. In other words: This is a prime opportunity to move past what you once thought was taboo and to learn to embrace your edgy side.

So whose sex life will be most affected by these cosmic summer shifts, anyway? Without further ado, read on to find out how you’ll be embracing your pleasure for the remainder of the season.


The practical Earth sign is releasing some serious sexual energy this summer. “Virgos [will] have the best time,” Stardust says matter-of-factly. Typically one to play it safe, Virgos will get the chance to let their inner freak run wild. As you find yourself re-examining old habits and rethinking new ones following Saturn-Uranus squared, channel that newfound freedom into a solstice ritual that pays homage to the connection of your body with nature.


Always the escapist, Stardust says the passionate water sign will have loads of fun acting out their wildest fantasies. Mysterious Neptune went into retrograde in Pisces at the end of June, which makes the period following a great time for dreamy Pisces to embrace their imaginative side, either with a partner or solo.


Brace yourself, Sag. Your curious, inquisitive nature may mean you’re struggling to feel centered this summer. “Sags [will] be all over the place… and insecurities may arise during performance,” Stardust says. Try grounding yourself before you hop into bed with a tantra ritual that emphasizes mindfulness with your partner.


Bull signs might not be quite ready to let their guard down with someone new, but they’ll be on the hunt for someone to settle down with. “They’re going to be loving everyone and paying a lot of attention to relationships,” Stardust says. Always reliable, Earth signs should use this cosmic shakeup to shoot their shot — it’s time to finally make that move you’ve been thinking about.


Stardust says the free-spirited Aquarius will find themselves at a place where they can be honest with their partners. Your openness to trying new things will extend to the intellectual side of sex, too — a powerful conversation alone could open up new possibilities for these independent thinkers and their lovers.


“A lot of times we say Scorpios are sex bombs, but their sexuality depends on their emotions and moods,” Stardust says. As the most sensual sign in the zodiac, Scorpios should use the vibes coming off of the Saturn-Uranus squared to experiment with new positions (and perhaps partners) that better meet your energy needs.


The full moon in Capricorn that occurs in late June means the goat’s “work hard, play harder” mentality is reaching peak sex drive this summer. Stardust says Capricorns will have some serious fun after the solstice. “Maybe it’s a time to embrace a fetish or try something totally new and wild,” she says.

While a handful of zodiac signs may be the ones most affected by the astrological events taking place this summer, Stardust says that we all have something to gain from these shifts. “Everyone is going to have a really wild summer,” she says. “It’s about having fun and allowing yourself to have fun.”