Crash Random Parties: The Fun AF Things Only Single Girls Can Do On Halloween

by Sheena Sharma
Paramount Pictures

This will be my 26th year on this earth spending Halloween without a boyfriend (I know, can you believe it?). And, honestly guys? I'm not complaining. Because every single Halloween has been a hell of a good time.

Halloween is unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas in that it's actually one of the most, if not the most, fun holiday to be single.

There are no rules. Anything goes. You can be as crazy or as tame as you want. In fact, I'd imagine it's more boring to be part of a couple on this particular day.

Here's exactly how to make the most of your single status and have the best time ever this Halloween:

Do a group costume with your single girlfriends.

This is your chance to go as that female superhero you've always wanted to be, and have the people you love (and who love you back) join you.

When you think about it, Halloween is an experience that actually gives you the chance to strengthen your female friendships. If you're doing a group costume, you have to coordinate together, possibly go shopping together, pregame and party together.

You take pictures together all night, and those memories end up lasting forever (I know, I know, I'm corny, but whatever).

When we're no longer single we don't get these moment as much. So seize them now!

It's easy to get in your head about being single (trust me, I go there every now and then). But it's also easy to forget that we meet the loves of our lives unexpectedly, and from there, life moves pretty quickly. So dress up, drink up and live it up.

(PS: How cute is this sushi group costume idea?)

Take up party invites from people you don't know (within reason).

Disclaimer: Don't go wander into some stranger's van because he's got candy. Go to a party of an acquaintance, a friend of a friend or your neighbor.

Two Halloweens ago, my neighbors (whom I'd never spoken to before) invited me to their costume party. I decided to go there first before joining up with my friends later in the night because... why not?

At first, I felt a bit out of my comfort zone; I'm not one to just show up at a stranger's party by myself. But as I got to know the people around me (with the help of a little pumpkin beer, of course), I realized being out of my comfort zone is actually an awesome thing.

Not only did I make friends with most of the people there, but I felt pretty damn proud of myself for having an awesome time in a situation in which I didn't know what to expect.

I'll always remember that night as an experience that contributed to my independence. Halloween is a night to be super adventurous — and not just when it comes to what you should dress up as.

Added bonus: I fell in love for a night with a guy at the party and we had a one-night stand. Who knew my Prince Charming of the moment was just across the hall? I sure didn't. Ah, the magic of Halloween.

If you end up going out, have sex — or don't  — with whomever you want.

This is so important. Just because everyone else is going out and having one-night stands doesn't necessarily mean you have to.

There's often a lot of pressure on us single gals to go out and score a lay on Halloween: Everyone's drunk, men are on the prowl and they totally dig us whether we dress up sexy or funny.

Being empowered by your sexuality means choosing when, where and with whom you want to have sex with — but it also means choosing when you don't want to have sex. Just because you're young and single doesn't mean you have to follow the pack.

So, have sex because you want to, not because your girlfriends are, or because some guy at the bar is being super persistent (read: creepy) and won't leave you alone.

What matters about your decision is how you feel about it. And if you don't want to have a one-night stand? Well, that's just fine, too. Halloween is crazy fun, but you get to define what "fun" means.

This Halloween, have a ton of fun. I encourage you to try something you've never done before: go to that random party, make new friends, if you usually dress sexy, dress funny and if you usually dress funny, dress sexy.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. That's what being single is all about.