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Um, Hannah Brown spent Christmas with Haley Stevens, AKA Jed Wyatt's ex-girlfriend and her brother's...

Hannah Brown’s Christmas IG Added Another Juicy Layer To The Haley Stevens Drama


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Although Hannah Brown has been in a happy relationship with Adam Woolard since February, that doesn’t mean her Bachelorette drama is completely over. (To be fair, she did just write a tell-all book about the experience... so, you know, she’s not exactly avoiding the gossip. But I digress.) On Dec. 19, Hannah’s younger brother, Patrick Brown, proposed to Haley Stevens — yes, the same Haley Stevens who was dating Jed Wyatt while he appeared on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette. (Jed and Hannah called off their engagement after Haley’s claims went public.) As soon-to-be sisters-in-law, Hannah and Haley spent Christmas together this year, and their holiday picture is as brutally awkward as you’d expect.

First, a little background: When Patrick and Haley announced their engagement earlier this month, their bliss sparked one major question: How does Hannah feel about her brother’s fiancée, aka her ex’s ex? The answer is, well, complicated. In Nov. 2021 (before the proposal), she explained her take on their relationship to Us Weekly, “I don’t choose who my brother loves and who he wants to be with.” (You know what they say about if you have nothing nice to say...) Hannah added, “But I love him, and [I] want him to be happy.” Yep, even if Patrick’s happiness equals awkward Christmases for the rest of their lives, starting now.

On Dec. 27, Hannah’s mom, Susanne Brown, shared an Instagram of their first joint family Christmas, featuring Hannah, Patrick, and (of course) Haley. “We had the very best Christmas together,” Susanne captioned the pic. 👀👀

So could their blended family Christmas really have gone that smoothly? The picture definitely looks sweet and full of holiday spirit. Of course, Hannah and Haley are on opposite sides of the photo. (And there are five people/buffers in between them.)

Plus, Hannah notably left this particular picture out of her Christmas Instagram post on Dec. 29, despite claiming that the round-up included “the only photos [she has] of the past week.” TBH, I don’t blame her. Imagine the comments section if she had included and (gasp!) tagged Haley in the carousel.

Still, there is always a chance (no matter how small) that Hannah and Haley were able to get past their Jed-related drama for the holiday season. Personally, I’m hoping that’s the case. IMO, Jed has taken up enough of these ladies’ time already.

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