What Your Hair Color Says About Your Sex Life

by Alexia LaFata

I know what you're thinking: "How could my hair possibly dictate my sex life? It doesn't have a genital or a brain with its own libido. Stop lying to me. You are bullsh*t."

Oh, you naïve child. I understand your skepticism. I really do. But you're wrong! Because according to the 2015 SKYN Condoms Millennial sex survey, your hair color says a lot about the way you f*ck -- from your willingness to experiment to your confidence in the sack.

SKYN received responses from 5,117 sexually active men and women from 18 to 34, of all different hair colors. Here are their answers about how the color of their hair relates to their freakiness in bed.

People with black hair are the most likely (21 percent) to use free and paid dating sites to find sexual partners, compared to 17 percent of blondes and 17 percent of brunettes who'd do the same.

Robert Rodriguez

Hmm, I wonder if people with black hair are finding quality sex partners. Maybe we should all be using Tinder after all.

Redheads are the most (2o percent) into roleplaying "Fifty Shades of Grey" style, compared to 14 percent of blondes, 12 percent of brunettes and 8 percent of people with black hair.

Robert Rodriguez

It's weird how people with black hair are more likely to go on dating sites to find sexual partners, but they don't seem very willing to experiment sexually. Like, what kind of sex are these people scrounging for? Vanilla-style? Boring.

Anyway, good on redheads for fulfilling the stereotype of being saucy firebrands or something. Keep doing you, guys.

People with black hair are the most likely (65 percent) to have had a one-night stand, compared to 61 percent of blondes and 59 percent of brunettes. Redheads, at 57 percent, are the least likely to have had one.

Robert Rodriguez

So the redheads are nymphos, but only with people they trust. That's sweet.

56 percent of people with black hair think they are "amazing" or "very good" in bed, compared to 42 percent of redheads, 41 percent of brunettes and 40 percent of blondes.

Robert Rodriguez

Damn, people with black hair think they're reallllly good at boring sex, huh? (Just kidding) But really, their confidence SOARS above everyone else's, which is pretty sexy. Where can a girl find a black-haired man to get down with around here?

P.S. Redheads: If you want to experiment with Christian Grey-style f*cking, you'd better get way more confidence than that.

Blondes have had more sex in the most unique places: 80 percent have f*cked in a shower or bathtub, 67 percent in a car, 51 percent have gone outdoors, 43 percent in a pool or hot tub, 37 percent at a party and 27 percent at the beach.

Robert Rodriguez

[insert cliché about how blondes have more fun here]

Full disclaimer: I'm a brunette, but I am 100 percent down to have sex in all of those places. And I've already covered half. Just saying.