5 Reasons Guys Who Do Yoga Turn Out To Be The Best Boyfriends

by Camille Theobald

Since I started practicing yoga in 2008, I've noticed more and more men are Om-ing it up in class.

More and more muscly studs have taken up sun salutations because they realize the physical and mental benefits of turning yoga in to a daily practice.

Even Maroon 5 tours with a yoga instructor in order to stay balanced and zen while jumping from city to city.

If you still haven't dated a guy who does yoga, it's time you do because these guys have a huge advantage over the average Tinder swipe.

To get some insight about what puts yoga dudes ahead of the dating game, I talked with four men who love to get down with a vinyasa flow:

1. They're open to trying new things

It's 2017, but there are still plenty of men and women who think that if a dude does yoga, he's not "manly."

This stigma is just ridiculous because yogis have amazing strength and muscle definition.

Peter DeGiglio, who's been practicing yoga for 10 years, admits,

There's always that part of me that understands there's a stigma, that thinks I should be embarrassed to share that I practice in certain company... I like that yoga studios aren't filled with macho meatheads.

If a guy can see past idiotic stereotypes, think for himself and try something new, he's already better than half the dudes out there.

2. Their fitness is next-level.

Men are often less flexible than women, so if guys don't stretch at all, they're at a big disadvantage.

Men who practice yoga regularly are able to build more muscle fibers, which means bigger muscles.

And with advanced flexibility, they are able to explore more positions between the sheets.

BJ Gruber, an actor and part-time yoga instructor who's been practicing for seven years, explains yoga raises your VO2 max, which is the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen that someone can utilize during intense exercise.

It does so in the same way steady cardio would.

3. They have all the good vibes.

Leo Rising, who's been teaching for about two years and is currently at a yoga retreat in Bali, hits the nail on the head when he says, "Ain't nobody trying to be around anybody with some stinky energy. Energy is everything, and mindfulness is fucking enticing."

There is no point in dating someone who always brings you down with negativity or complaints.

A man who actively seeks balance in his body and mind will bring positive and peaceful vibes, which is incredibly sexy.

4. They know how to listen.

Everyone wants to be with a partner who listens.

Sean Rodgers, who participated in Olympic weightlifting for eight years and now does yoga daily, says, "Yoga helps your listening both physically and mentally."

It's not guaranteed that a man who practices yoga will always listen to your every word, but when people practice listening to their bodies and inner selves on a regular basis, they are bound to pick up some listening skills.

5. They're not intimidated by a room full of women.

It's no secret that most yoga classes are about 80 percent women, and in my opinion, it takes an intelligent and confident man not to feel like a fish out of water in that situation.

When Sean invites male friends to class, he says, "Some go and fail and don't want to come back because it's harder then they thought."

BJ agreed, saying that "seeing a whole room of women better at something than them" was something to notice.

But, there is nothing to be intimidated by because like Leo says, "This practice is about the individual realizing the closeness of their own inner strength and the vastness of their self worth."

So stop swiping on your phone, and get out there and find your perfect yoga mate!