3 Reasons Girls Will Always Fall For Guys Who Act Like They're The Sh*t

by Lenny Prosser

So you and your girls just spent the past 45 minutes or so slipping into your favorite pair of “I know my ass looks good” jeans, trying to contour your faces like the Kardashians and somehow taping your boobs together to create the perfect cleavage for your deep v-neck top.

And now it's time.

You strut right into the party scene and immediately your eyes scan the room.

No, not for the keg (well, for some of us), but rather an attractive male. Your line of sight goes right over the shy guy standing with a few of his bros lingering by the wall, past the guy with his tongue down practically two girls' throats, and ah, that guy over there will do.

The “I know I'm the sh*t” uniform usually begins with a trademark pair of Timberland boots, snug jeans or khakis, probably a Polo v-shirt and a douche-y smirk to finish off the look.

Keeping this hot image in mind, you confidently approach him and strike up a conversation. After that, your night then probably includes him fetching you beers (have to stay hydrated), dancing with him and then (let's be honest) probably going home with him by the end of the night.

The next morning quickly slaps you in the face, and you perform your walk of shame.

The whole time thoughts are running through your mind: "Is he going to text me? Should I text him? No, no I totally should not text him. That would be ridiculous, but why hasn't he texted me yet? Should I add him on Snapchat? Maybe he wants to be my Facebook friend? *cellphone vibrates* OMG is that him? Ugh what does my mom want..."

Several days pass, and still nothing from Mr. I'm The Sh*t. Not even a single Instagram follow.

You would think we would learn by now that these guys continuously disappoint us in the end, and are rarely ever “keepers.”

So now we ask ourselves, why do we keep liking guys who think they are the absolute sh*t?!?

1. Confidence is hot.

Whoever said confidence is the best accessory had it right.

Nothing is more attractive than a confident individual. For that reason alone, it is evident as to why we are drawn to the confident (with a hint of cocky) male in the room. It shows that he's outgoing and not afraid to fully be himself, and most importantly, knows how to have a good time.

Bottom line: Having confidence — even if that means having too much confidence — is honestly just really hot.

2. Because it makes us feel like the sh*t.

C'mon now ladies, you know that right after you meet a new guy you immediately tell your closest gal pals about him. And one of their first questions is, “Aw is he cute?? Do you have a pic??”

As the social media stalker you naturally are, you pull up his Facebook page and flaunt his recently tagged in photos.

Approvingly, your friends gush, “Oooh he is so hot,” and your ego does her little happy dance.

For some reason, it feels good knowing your friends think he's quite the dime as well. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel like the sh*t.

3. Similar to our shoe game, females want only the best of the best.

Normally it's just for the night, for the one party, but why would we waste our time on someone who doesn't think they're great?

Even if it's some casual flirting for an hour or so, we spend our time on those who are not only confident in themselves, but most importantly, in conversation.

Fortunately, or unfortunately (I suppose it depends on how you look at it), many women care about their own image to an extent.

Whether this means being viewed as well-respected, seen as a woman with class or a girl who knows how to light up a party, generally females are aware of what the image they may portray. This sense of image also includes who we associate with.

So, associating with the cocky-yet-confident attractive male in the room may do some things to the way in which we are perceived.

Well, now months have passed and Mr. Douche really hasn't crossed your mind since those first few days after the fact.

Probably because you covered his existence up with multiple other males of his same prototype during the time span.

However, despite our attraction to this breed, females are normally aware that these males are not necessarily keepers. Yes he may be hot, yes he may be confident and yes, he may make us feel good, but make sure you approach with caution. In the end, he will probably never truly care about you.

Until we find that keeper, we might as well keep playing around with the guys who think they're the sh*t.

I mean after all, we can't help it that we like them so much.