6 Times Guys Thought Girls Cared When They Didn’t

Dear men,

Why are you so hard to please? You think we females are so confusing, but you’re the ones actually making it harder on yourselves.

Go ahead and listen to your guys about how much women suck and how needy they are.

When you’re 92 years old and need to be taken care of, have them wipe your asses and bathe you.

Let me give you a little lesson on how women work: We ask for something, and you take it in to consideration.

Don’t just assume we want or need something unless we have previously given you multiple hints.

Yes, I’ll admit, we are sometimes hard to read, but that’s why you love us.

You should always be with someone who drives you a little bit crazy because that’s the key to keeping a relationship exciting!

If you're in a mature relationship (aka you don’t post all of your relationship problems on social media), you tend to bicker about dumb, minuscule things, but then you make up.

Many of those arguments can be avoided by listening and communicating with your girlfriends and by thinking ahead of time.

With that said, here are six times guys thought women cared about something when they actually didn’t:

1. When you want to go out with your guys

Listen up, men: We don’t care if you go out with your friends.

Just make sure we aren't PMSing and there are no other women at your bottle-service table. All we ask is for you to be open and honest with us.

Please, go out with the guys. Let us breathe a little, and just remember the most important foundation in a relationship is trust.

Give us a reason not to trust you, and we will make sure you never go out with the guys again.

We also appreciate you coming home to us after you spend the night with your guys. It makes us feel special.

2. When a woman comes up to you at the bar, and we are standing right there

Don’t stand there awkwardly and glance over at me as if I am not watching. Women see all.

I see that woman talking to you, and I know she's interested. You need to understand I know you are my man, and I am your girlfriend.

That sloppy drunk woman isn’t even cute, and I'm finding it quite humorous.

And yes, I will ask you about what you two talked about, but I won’t start a fight about it because as a female, I know that men and women talk to each other. (But remember: I am always watching.)

3. When you think we care about where we go for dinner

You guys think we are so hard to please when it comes to food, but we really don’t care what or where we eat.

Also, you, men, have listening problems. We usually drop hints as to what we're craving all day.

For example:

11 am: “Sushi sounds good.” - Female 11:01 am: “Yeah. Let’s do that for dinner.” - Male

5:30 pm: “What do you want for dinner?” - Male 5:30 pm: “What are you thinking? I don’t care.” (We are testing you to see if you were listening.) - Female 5:31 pm: “Let’s do Mexican.” - Male 5:32 pm: *Pause* - Female 5:32 pm: “WHAT DO YOU WANT? DO YOU NOT WANT MEXICAN? OKAY, WE WILL GET SOMETHING ELSE.” - Male

I said I wanted sushi, but it's okay. You forgot because you were too busy thinking about how awesome I am.

But really, all you guys need to worry about is feeding us as soon as possible before we hit the hangry stage.

Tattoo that on your body somewhere, and you’ll live a happy life.

4. When you think we need an expensive meal every night

Who do you think we are? Take me to Taco Bell for Pete’s sake!

Unless we’re celebrating something, we don't need sushi, steak, lobster or caviar. We don’t have to bleed money on eating out every night, either.

Maybe you and your significant other can have a cooking night together during the week.

That way, you can test her cooking skills to see if she’ll be a good wife or something. (Just kidding, obviously.)

All I am trying to say is that there is no need to spend $40 on food every night, especially when we’re PMSing.

Take us to McDonald's, and then listen to us complain about how we feel like sh*t. It happens every month. Deal with it.

5. When you think we need a top-notch gift to show us how much you love us

Yes, a gift every now and then is nice, but in a grown-up relationship, actions speak louder than words.

Also, a nice card with meaningful words will do the trick every time.

Something that comes from the heart means more to us, anyway.

Don’t waste money on something expensive unless you know we want it. We’re not hard to please! Give yourselves a break.

6. When you think we care about staying in this weekend

Do you know who you're talking to? Women would much rather lie in bed and watch Netflix in their pajamas than go out.

Please, do us the favor and request staying in on a Friday night so we can unwind and actually relax.

Yes, going out is fun, but we’re okay with just lounging and munching. Trust me.

You need to stop believing we need your attention 24/7. We fell in love with you because of who you are, so please don't change.

Just be sweeter and more comforting during times of need (aka whenever we are hungry, tired, PMSing or about to go to a family gathering).

Also, don't forget you, men, aren't the easiest to handle.

Who picks up your dirty laundry? Who cooks for you? Who reminds you to call your mom on her birthday? Yeah, that's what I thought.