These Are The Conversations Guys Have With Their Friends When They See A Hot Girl

by Alexia LaFata

I've always wondered what guys talk about when they're with their friends and they see a really hot girl. Do they just nod at each other in agreement? Do they say nothing? Do they describe all the disgusting things they want to do to her in graphic detail? Do they grunt and puff out their chests so the hot girl in question can determine who is the most dominant in the group, at which point, she can choose who she wants to mate with? (That last one was a joke.) (Or was it?)

Since I am not a guy, I love hearing about what guys talk about with each other, especially when it comes to women. It's one part research for my own brand of feminism, and one part simple curiosity. Thankfully, the men of Reddit have delivered. Here are 20 conversations straight guys have with their friends when they see a hot girl.

This guy speaks in a secret language.

This guy will reference her later.

This person gets vulgar.

This guy keeps it simple.

This guy gets mad at his friends for not feeling the same way.

This guy will debate until his friends feel the same.

This guy refuses to be an "objectifying assh*le," but will point it out.

This guy just stares at her until a friend catches on.

This guy says nothing.

This guy says everything and nothing at once.

This guy says that he "would." (We all know what that means.)

This guy has different taste from his friends, so he won't say anything.

This guy immediately claims ownership.

This guy talks about how he'll never get her.

This guy confirms men think disgusting things.

This guy welcomes an immediate change in subject.

This guy gets fed up with friends who don't shut up about hot girls.

This guy is too busy doing man things to say anything.

This guy actually makes a move.

And finally, this guy... reverts back to an animal-like state.

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