Guys Reveal How Much They Think Weddings Cost And They're So Wrong, It Hurts

Everyone always spreads the rumor that weddings are wickedly expensive, and no matter how much fun a couple has dancing the night away at their celebration, it's never worth the amount of money they paid for just an eight-hour night.

But how much does a wedding actually cost? $5,000? $50,000? $50,000?

Well, it depends, of course, on the kind of wedding you want to have, where you want to have it and how many people you want to invite.

The average cost of a wedding is around $32,000, though many couples spend double or triple that amount on their celebration, especially if they're keen on planning the wedding of their wildest dreams.

Just as a test, I asked five guys what they thought the price tag of a wedding was, and not-so-shockingly, they were all really far off.

1. $20,000

I know weddings cost a lot of money because people are always talking about how they are so expensive. If I could take a guess, I'd say to get married at the Plaza Hotel in NYC costs, like, $20,000 with everything included.

— Dan B., 21

2. IDK, a lot

I have no idea how much weddings cost. I'd say they cost a lot, like $5,000 or $6,000? I know you have to pay for a place, food, decorations, music, a cake, flowers, etc. But all that can't be so much money? If I ever get married, I want to invite 200 people, but I'm only going to spend $5,000 max.

— Joel R., 23

3. A couple hundred dollars

Weddings can't be more than a couple hundred bucks. Like, maybe $900? I have no idea. I haven't thought about it. The one wedding I went to was at the Ritz Carlton, and I bet that was a couple thousand. They can't be too expensive. People say they are because they are getting ripped off.

— Darren E., 24

4. Free

Aren't weddings technically free because you use all the money you get in gifts to cover the wedding tab?

— Phil E.,

5. Her parent's pay

I have no idea how much a wedding costs, and I also don't care because don't her parents pay for it anyway? Like, I don't plan on spending a dollar on a wedding when I get married because it is not my job to pay for it.

— Tanner V., 23