Guys Reveal The Crazy Weird Pick-Up Lines They Used IRL That Actually Got Them Laid

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We've all rolled our eyes over pick-up lines in the past — the ones that were so terrible, we wondered if the person who said them actually made them up on the spot or if they were dared to deliver something that dumb.

But sometimes, a good pick-up line (or one that's so bad, it's gives you a good laugh) can be an easy way for two strangers to hit it off.

I'm not saying the pick-up lines below are any good, and I'm not saying you should ever try them out. But I AM saying that the four guys who told me about them did find a match after using them IRL.

1. I used Donald Trump's slogan.

I walked up to a bigger girl at the gym, who had a banging face, and told her that I wanted to make her body great again. I was a personal trainer and wanted her as my client, but I always envisioned potentially getting her in bed, too. That wasn't my first attempt at hitting on a girl at my gym, but it was the first time it worked. We slept together a week later, and I never became her personal trainer — just her hookup buddy.

— Kyle L., 31

2. Start with the eyes.

I was at a bar one night and met the hottest girl there. Before I could talk to her, I needed to figure out a way to impress her. So I asked my friend for a pick-up line, and then, I used it on her. I said, 'Your eyes are the windows to your soul.' It was funny because she had brown eyes and called me out for the awful pick-up line. Then, I said I felt so bad that I wanted to at least buy her a drink. One drink led to another, which led to a kiss, which then led to her coming home with me that night.

— Dean V., 27

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3. Baby got back.

It was a long-shot move, but I was at a party and wanted to hit on this girl with the best butt ever. I walked up to her and whispered in her ear, 'Girl, it looks like when you were created, God shoved two fine hams down the back of your pants.' She rolled her eyes and pushed me away. She told her friend what I said, and her friend thought it was hilarious and ended up flirting back with me. I didn't get the original girl in the end, but I got to spend the the night with her friend, who was equally as hot.

—Eric S., 24

'When you were created, God shoved two fine hams down the back of your pants.'

4. Talk about kids.

I always hear friends of mine who are girls talk about how badly they want to have kids, so I used a pick-up line that talked about that. One night, at a bar with a bunch of my buddies, I walked up to a group of girls in their 30s and said to one of them, 'Are you an orphanage? Because I want to give you children.' It made, like, no sense, and I think she was drunk, but she laughed. We ended up sleeping together that night and have been dating for three months.

— Matt R., 35