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Guys Reveal The Weirdest Pick-Up Lines That Got Them Laid


We've all rolled our eyes over pick-up lines in the past — the ones that were so terrible, we wondered if the person who said them actually made them up on the spot or if they were dared to deliver something that dumb.

But sometimes, a good pick-up line (or one that's so bad, it's gives you a good laugh) can be an easy way for two strangers to hit it off.

I'm not saying the pick-up lines below are any good, and I'm not saying you should ever try them out. But I AM saying that the four guys who told me about them did find a match after using them IRL.

1. I used Donald Trump's slogan.

— Kyle L., 31

2. Start with the eyes.

— Dean V., 27

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3. Baby got back.

—Eric S., 24

4. Talk about kids.

— Matt R., 35