Guys Reveal What Office Supply Reminds Them Of Their GF And It's As Weird As It Sounds

by Candice Jalili

Ever wonder what office supply your boyfriend would say you are if you could be any office supply? I'm going to go ahead and guess you haven't really thought about that before. But, now that I asked you that question, I BET YOU'RE THINKIN' ABOUT IT.

I mean, there are so many options to choose from. There are office chairs and staplers. There are printers and paper clips. And there's literally every single item sold in an Office Depot or Staples store. The possibilities are literally endless.

Recently, guys on Reddit were recently asked to describe what office supply their girlfriends would be, and why they chose what they did, and let's just say their responses are as weird as you'd imagine. Here are some of their best answers.

She's a computer... and apparently, those go down on people?

A computer. I can always turn her on, and then she'll go down on me.

— jeff_the_nurse

She's a cheap office chair.

She's a nice office chair.

She's a laser printer.

She's a computer.

She's a keyboard.

She's a desk lamp.

She's not just any desk — she's a standing desk.

She's an average printer.

She's a fax machine. Who knew those still existed?

Now, time to go home and ask your boyfriend what office supply he thinks you'd be! And if he thinks you're a desk lamp, then that's a great answer. But if he says you're a fax machine, he's got another thing coming.

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