Guys Reveal The One Thing That Makes Their Partner "So Cute" To Them

by Candice Jalili

Have you ever wondered what you do that your bae thinks is so dang cute?!

Well, luckily for you, on a recent Reddit thread, men were asked to share the things their girlfriends do that they just can't help but find so cute.

I don't know if I'm just bitter and cynical, or if the word "cute" just inherently bothers me, but I can't lie. All of these responses were so touching, it made me want to vom.

So if you have the same reaction to insanely sweet things, grab a barf bag and read along!

The cute, little face she makes when she's talking to her pets!

When she pulls a classic girl move and bakes yummy treats!

When she speaks in her cute, little voice!

One dimple is so much cuter than two, duh!

When she laughs in a different laugh from her regular laugh!

When she snores her cute, little snore!

When she's nervous!

When she's sad and does a cute, little pout!

When she's sick and needs taking care of!

When she does her cute, little flirty laugh!

When she snorts!

When she speaks in her native accent!

When she's so dang little compared to him!

When she gets self-conscious about eating too many Cheetos!

When she does dumb things and then questions his love for her!

OK, my sarcasm aside, I'm sure if one of these people were actually your boyfriend, you'd think it was actually cute.

Love turns us all into sappy dummies.