Guys Want To Be Parents More Than Women

Stereotypically, once would think that women want children more than men do. Men typically have this macho attitude, and claim that they don’t want to have children until they’re much older, or not at all even.

A new study, however, may be calling out men’s bluff. According to the study, which was conducted by the British Sociological Association in London, men who are childless are more negatively impacted emotionally than women who don’t have kids.

The study consisted of a survey of 27 men and 81 women who are not parents. Fifty percent of the men surveyed who wanted children experienced isolation as a result, compared to the 27 percent of women.

Overall, a greater percentage of the same group of men versus women experienced depression, sadness, jealousy and anger because they didn’t have kids. Interesting. One would think it would be the other way around.

What are women without children really feeling then? Apparently, guilt. None of the men surveyed expressed feelings of guilt for not having kids, but 16 percent of the women did.

Do you believe this study?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images