If You're A Guy, This One Trait Might Be Ruining Your Online Dating Game

Listen up, guys! If online dating isn't landing you the woman of your dreams, it's not your lack of confidence that's the problem.

Actually, your confidence may be the problem.

Confused? Emily Yeh, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, took a deep dive into the sad world of OkCupid rejection.

She specifically examined two groups, college-aged men (18- to 22-year-olds) and middle-aged men (45- to 55-year-olds). While high confidence levels seemed to work in favor of middle-aged men, this wasn't the case for younger fellas, according to New York magazine.

Higher reported self-confidence correlated with a higher likelihood of initiating conversations for younger guys, but the guys in the same age group with more "modest" confidence levels received more messages overall, Yeh said.

In other words, a little humility in online dating goes a long way for young men.

Surprised? Here are some other online dating stats that might shock you: A whopping 81 percent of people lie about their age, weight or height on their online dating profiles, men spend 50 percent less time reading profiles than women do and women who don't drink receive 24 percent fewer messages than women who do.

All of these stats are a little depressing if you ask me. But as of 2013, a third of married couples in the US had reportedly met online. That's something, right?

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