Guys, Don’t Be Such Pussies!

by Kara Nesbitt

They say you are what you eat. In some cases, you are what you date. A pussy is a word of many meanings, such as cat, vagina, purulent, flower, and then, there’s men.

Meeting a lot of men is in my nature. I am a strong, independent woman and it is going to take a confident man to hold me down.

After many dates, observations and a good overall look at life, I have come to the conclusion that there are many, many men that are, in fact, pussies. These are the boys that girls should not be with, nor deserve to be with. These boys would never fight for you, give you the respect you deserve, or rip your clothes off in that sexy way you like. These are the men that hold everything in until one day they pull some sh*t out of the blue, leaving you for someone who is "sensitive" and "caring," yet she looks like a grandmother.

When meeting men, there are some key factors you should look for that all pussies usually have in common. When these red flags pop up, you should do the right thing, and run. Do not tell him the issue; do not try to figure him out, just run. Luckily for you, most of these boys will move on to somebody who is much lower than you in standards, looks and personality, seeing as they are so insecure they always need someone around.

Here are the top five signs you should look for when trying to decide if the person you are crushing on is a pussy.

1) He has dated his ex more than three times.

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This sign clearly has ‘psycho’ written all over it, and you will, for sure, be dealing with emotional issues. Jealousy, insecurity, her occasional appearances, and the list goes on. Dating your ex is like taking a shower and putting on dirty clothes. It will never work out, and all it will give you is a headache as the new chick. In fact, when someone goes back to their ex more than three times, they should automatically get married because their sorry asses deserve each other.

2) They are haters, especially when it comes to their friends with girlfriends.

These are the dudes that, no matter what, are always salty. Salty about throwing $7 on it, instead of $5 because it’s his turn to buy the dutch, salty about his best friend’s girlfriend chilling at his house all the time, salty about having to drive the crew for the night... Pussies are lame, immature and annoying. They’re also usually the dudes who don’t lift and who people don’t take seriously.

3) They don’t voice their opinions.

These dudes are the ones that talk the talk behind your back, but when faced with what they said, they deny it. This will have you guys going down two totally different paths, and before you know it, there will be so much animosity built up that you have to break up. Number two, above, usually goes hand-in-hand with this one. Stick up for yourself. If you see something, say it, deal with it, and move on.

4) They’re a bunch of know-it-alls.

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These guys are the worst. Everything relates back to them. You could say the sky is blue, and they would turn around and say, “Ya, but sometimes it turns colors so technically, it’s not blue.” These guys look down on everyone and always have to state why they are better to feel better about themselves.

5) They are not close with their mothers or sisters.

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Give it up for the douchebags. A pussy would never go out of his way for anyone, and he has some serious mommy issues. The first woman he should be close with is his mother or sister, and if his can’t even do that, why would you expect any different for his commitment to you?

Guys who are pussies are not men. They are weak, close-minded people who are going to get pushed around forever and be made fun of. They usually don’t like to go down, and they for damn sure won’t make the first move. You are whom you surround yourself with, so don’t associate with any pussies, unless you want to be seen as one, too.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr