Guy Throws His Side Chick For A Loop With These Hilariously Savage Texts

by Sean Abrams

Whenever I'm texting someone I'm romantically interested in, I always wonder if that person and I are actually on the same page.

Do we share the same interests? Do you feel the same way I feel for you? Are you actually chatting it up with me while you're hanging out with someone else?

Basically, I'd just like to avoid being a side piece at all costs. And I can bet I'm not alone either.

One girl quickly had her side chick status revealed when the guy she was messaging threw her for a serious loop that no one was expecting.

She initiated the conversation, starting it with a cute question about how the person you'll spend the rest of your life with is somewhere on this Earth without you knowing.

I'll give her a pat on the back for a good lead-in, but unfortunately, it didn't get her very far.

Our savage gentleman first kept his response pretty generic, but he agreed the thought was a crazy one.

"Don't you ever wonder what they're doing?" the girl proceeded to ask.

This is when things start to take a turn. Are you ready for this curve ball? (Because this guy certainly was.)

Our guy decided to play it cool at first, keeping the conservation seemingly pretty sweet. He responded, "Nope! I already know what's she doing, she's texting me" and even included a smiley face emoji.

Let me just say, for the record, too much emoji usage is frowned upon in my book. Those faces never pinpoint my exact emotions and usually just come off as trying too hard.

But clearly, his worked because the girl responds with an all-caps "AWWWWW" (yes, that's 5 Ws) and a glowing red heart emoji.

Too bad what followed could not be more of the opposite of "AWWWWW." Brace yourself:

Despite ending his last text message with a smiley face, our guy definitely wasn't done.

He continued, "But she went to bed so now I'm talking to you" with an upside down emoji face.

Like... what? What did you just say?

Hold the phone because I am shook... like this guy:

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry for this girl.

After enough messages that would lead anyone to believe these two were made for each other, this guy goes and stomps on this girl's heart with a surprise that she is, in fact, not the only one.

Now, he could totally be kidding, attempting to toss some humor into the mix of mushiness going down, but I'm not buying it.

This guy is just a total savage. Hands down.

Someone get this girl a hug (and a new man) ASAP.